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Let your children learn and have fun at the same time with these 5 Kid-ucational Apps for Android.

When I was still a kid, my first teacher was my mom. She taught me how to count numbers with my tiny fingers, answer the most famous math question, “1+1=?” and most especially, sing the alphabet song as I sway my head to the beat. We might say, “Been there, done that” to ourselves as we are now grown-ups. (I might sound like I’m 50 years older here!)

Yes, learning from the basic and traditional way is fun but living in a digital era now offers a lot of new things on how we can learn or rather, how we can educate our kids, cousins, nieces and every child that we truly care of. Everyday, we wake up in this app-obsessed world, right? So, there’s no escape to the fact that in this world, education can now happen right at the palm of our hand with our Android devices. This app review will help each one of us to be advocates of good education as I present to you 5 Kid-ucational Apps for Android! 

Animal Sounds with Pictures

We may be familiar with flash cards as a tool for teaching, right? This time, you need not to waste your time and money as you collect and buy those flash cards with different pictures of animals. Let Animal Sounds with Pictures app do the work for you.

Developed by TeachersParadise.com, is not your ordinary flash cards. This free app includes animal pictures, names and even sounds which your ordinary flash cards can’t do.


√ 70 card set

√ Clear animal sound

√ Animal picture with name

√ Ad- supported

Kirsten Loves

I love the idea that flash cards are now turned into an app which is very convenient for every parent or teachers who are fond of using this as a tool for teaching. When I was still a kid, my mom also has her animal flash cards with a bit of description about each animal. What I find amazing about this app is the animal sounds! It’s funny to reminisce that my mom would make the animal sound as she portrays the different animal on each flash card. Now, parents or teachers don’t need to act silly just to educate the little youngsters!

Kirsten Wants

This app could have been better if there would be a brief information about each animals and a bit of tweaking with the design. A brighter and more colorful user interface will make this app more appealing to kids as they learn new things with the animal kingdom.

Hear the sound of every animal and .

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

Learning the basic numbers especially mathematical problems are really the most difficult subjects to learn. Agree?

Developed by , is a free app which lets its users learn the basic numbers and build their mathematical skills.


√ TV Mode

√ Quiz Mode

√ High quality 3D graphics

√ Voice interaction/animations

√ Funny and cute penguin animations

√ Text to speech/spoken texts

√ Special sound effects

Kirsten Loves

I hate numbers and math, really. But this app will make the mathematical skills of children a lot way easier, right? Nothing beats a fun way of learning math and numbers with a cute penguin buddy! The adorable and intuitive user interface will make the children enjoy learning their hatest subject, math.

Upgrade your mathematical skills and .

Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE

Teaching kids how to read and pronounce words are a bit of a pain in the neck. As kids try to learn to pronounce words, most of the time the tendency would be mispronouncing words in the cutest possible way.

Developed by Intellijoy, is an app which allows kids to learn how to read and pronounce three-letter-words in an interactive way.

This interactive educational app allows the children to learn how to blend sounds together to form, read and spell words that are made up of three letters only.

Unfortunately, kids won’t encounter words that are longer than three-lettered words in this app. Kids Reading assumed that children who uses this app are already familiar with the basic alphabet sounds. In case your children aren’t aware yet of the phonic sounds, Kids Reading suggest that you try their Kids ABC Phonics or Kids ABC Letters.

Kirsten Loves

I love reading and spelling words way back in my preschool days. It’s a great idea to develop an interactive app like this where kids will learn the basics of reading and spelling words. I still like the fact that this app is only limited to three-lettered words since kids’ minds still can’t absorb words that are longer than three letters. Agree? The cute, bright and colorful user interface of the app adds excitement to the kids’ pleasure of learning.

Be a Spelling Bee genius and .

Baby Flashcards for Kids

The return of the most famous flash cards for kids is in this app yet a different version. I’ve introduced Animal Sounds with Pictures a while ago. This time, children can learn using this Baby Flashcards for Kids.

Developed by eFlashApps LLC, is a free app which allows its users to learn with the help of high quality flashcards with pictures, sounds and voice.


√ 11 categories such as Food, Alphabet, Animals, Transportation, Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Clothing, Household, Body Parts, Outdoor, Music Instruments/ Arts & Learning

√ Over 450 words

√ High quality images

√ Real sounds are applicable

√ Large icons, letters and graphics

√ Professional voice overs recorded in production studio

√ Question mode for parent-child interaction

√ Great memory building exercise

Kirsten Loves

I love flashcards as a means of teaching kids on different subjects. I even loved this version way better than Animal Sounds with Pictures. Why? This app has a wide array of categories which will cater to the needs of every child. In addition, Baby Flashcards for Kids has a voice over which will act like a teacher as she asks questions and might say ‘try again’ when you answered incorrectly. The cute and simple user interface of the app is just perfect for the kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Still not convinced? Watch the video below and .

Sing Sing Together Free

Kids love to entertain and catch everyone’s attention especially at family gatherings. As much as they can, parents will try to build up their kids’ confidence and sing or dance in front of the crowd. I bet you’ve experienced being your aunt’s favorite as you wiggle your hips in the cutest way! Now, you can sing and dance to your favorite children’s song with Sing Sing Together Free.

Developed by edubox, is an app where users can sing and dance to the tune of their favorite children’s songs such as Eensy Weensy Spider, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a lot more!

Isn’t it cute when children dance and sing in their cutest look and outfit, at times? With this app, your singing and dancing skills can be polished, right? How cool is that?

Kirsten Loves

Singing and dancing to the beat together with these cute 3D characters will make every child enjoy their favorite songs. My parents would say that when I was still a kid, I would love to dance and sing in front of them with my props and costume. So I bet just like me, kids will really enjoy using this app as they hone their skills in singing and dancing, right?

Unleash the performer in your child and .

Ms. Kirsten’s Words

Learning the basics of animals, numbers, math and even singing could be way lot more fun when you have these kid-ucational apps installed on your Android devices.

Nothing beats these great and free kid-ucational apps as your best bud in educating and honing your kids’ skills as early as it can be.

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5 Kid-ucational Apps for Android
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