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9Thinx (Free) is a casual learning app for android.

Who would have thought of creating an educational game app that is intended for adults? Yes, this time the game is not just for kids to enjoy but for adults as well. Prepare your minds and let the witty game app from Pylba Inc. test your knowledge.

99Thinx (Free) is a casual learning app for android that gives users the pleasure to play while learning facts and trivia of different topics. It uses a very light approach allowing users to easily understand the nature of the application in just one shot.

However, I want you to take the app seriously for the questions that you have to answer are not that easy. Stop hiding the wary genius within you, today is your time to show some cleverness and brainpower.

The Fun of Learning

Free learning is now reachable for android users around the globe, all you have to do is to bring out your own device and download 99Thinx for free. If you are all set to play then get yourself ready from non-stop tapping and boundless brain-shaking questions.

Users may start as a guest with several topics to choose from such as Biology, Dog Breeds, Spices, and Punk but needs to register/ login using your Facebook account afterwards to access cool features like:

  •  Discover riddles in different topics.
  • Sets of 11 riddles or questions that will then lead to points.
  • Use jokers to help you answer challenging questions.
  • Earn rubies as a reward in exchange for additional jokers.
  • Compare high scores with your Facebook buddies.

In each of the theme, users will be given a certain question and image where he or she must answer in a best time possible. All contents are provided by various players like me and you. Soon enough we can also start contributing topics once it is available to interested users.

Note: Since Facebook is one of the popular medium to socialize with friends nowadays, the app used it as a best tool for learning and sharing. That is why you have to register using your Facebook account.

99Thinx: Learn From It

I never knew an exciting app like this up until I saw 99Thinx. It is an app that gives you the freedom to learn from your selected topics without limiting you from progressing every day. If you think that learning takes time and boring then better think again because 99Thinx will help you acquire knowledge in an interactive manner and freeing you from hitting the book.

Apart from that, we all want to learn and share knowledge with our friends and other people, the developer of 99Thinx gave users the access to do both. It was indeed an amazing idea to let consumers become a producer too. Combining such information and facts into one is brilliant for it gives us the privilege to connect with other people around the world. The app is best for people who want to waggle some brains like me. If you have nothing else to do then you must try this tremendous app now!

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Android App Review: 99Thinx
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  1. Erwin Schneider
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    Learning can be fun!?
    Looking forward for more topics!!


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