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Review of: Captain Clumsy
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G-Gee Games

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On January 23, 2013
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Collect all the gold coins and avoid the gulls to bring back Captain Clumsy's treasure that he clumsily lost.

Basically, pirates are perceived as tough, brave and scary human beings. With their hook, patched eye, hat, and strong built, definitely you wouldn’t want them to get near you. They might turn you into slaves or rather use you to get money in return. Little did we know that not all pirates have the same ferocious look that we are all used to. There’s one clumsy pirate that I know which is now dominating the Android app market. Do you want to know who he is? Aye!

For the Android release, the developer Cute Attack partnered with G-Gee Games, one of the largest Android game platforms, to bring a new and unique pirate game with birds, an awesome combination you’ve never seen before! Are you ready to help Captain Clumsy bring back his treasure that he clumsily lost, aye?

will definitely make a change in the world of pirates. Learn more about his adventure on my Android app review after the jump.

Hearing that a pirate is clumsy makes me say, “Is that for real?” Well, I’ve never heard one. But that makes this game interesting and unique. You’ve never seen a pirate like this so most probably people will get curious and try out the app. Are you ready to know what this app has in store for us?

is a free action-packed Android application which allows its users to control Captain Clumsy, as he collect gold coins while on his way down to get the key which will help him unlock the next level. Apart from that, there are numerous gull flying in which you need to avoid. If you hit on two gulls, then the game is over. Your task is to control Captain Clumsy on his way down to collect the gold coins that was his prized possession and avoid his archenemies, the gulls. Aye?


√ Interactive Captain Clumsy comic

√ Fun falling game

√ Excellent 3D graphics

√ Physics-based game

√ Enjoy 26 unique and hand-made levels that will tickle your brain

√ Accomplish exciting Achievements

√ Purchase Power-ups on the Store such as Gull Smasher, Coin Magnet and many more

√ Awesome Pirate soundtrack from the creator of Angry Birds’ soundtracks

√ Ad-supported

Captain Clumsy is Falling!

This cool falling game opens with an interactive and fun comic that will explain to you why for some strange reason, the Captain has been clumsy after all.

In his old age, the Captain has decided that it’s about time for his much-awaited retirement and save his lifetime booty. As he was hiding his sacred treasure, the rope snapped and everything falls off the ship. His crew which turned out to be his enemies, got everything and gave it to their Gull King. Now, your mission is to help Captain Clumsy to get back his treasure that he clumsily lost. Are you up for the falling game challenge?

The intuitive controls are just easy. All you need to do is to tap the screen to steer the movement of Captain Clumsy to direct his downward fall. (Hence, if you’re more comfortable with the tilting control, then you can change it on the option tab.) Other than that, you also need to stay away from having the deadly Gull Pain! When you hit onto those gulls, that will extremely hurt you and put you in real pain. You better watch out for those gulls since death will happen when you hit on two gulls. You don’t want that to happen, matey!

The most exciting parts of the falling game are just about to be spilled. There are added achievements which you need to accomplish so that your game will be as challenging as ever. The trick is, the achievements aren’t revealed instantly. You’ll just be surprised that you’ve accomplished a certain achievement when a message pops up on your screen.

Also, you can purchase some extra powers at the Store which you can make use of and are very beneficial for your success. There are Power-ups that will boost your captain like a 5 second Gull Smasher, 25 second Coins Grand Doubloon, 5 second Coin Magnet and a lot more. You can also revive your health and your life, all of them found in the Store.

Every level, you will face a different scenario and mission which will trigger your competitiveness and challenge your greediness just like Captain Clumsy. A message will pop before the level begins which states how the level will turn out to be and what are the things that you need to look out for. You need to reach the bottom, safe and sound by getting the key which will eventually unlock the next level. The thrilling game goes on and on until you reach the very last 26th level.

Kirsten Loves

I’m not really fond of Pirates but I’m always on the lookout for unique, exciting and fun games to play with. I was fascinated in an instant with the idea of this game – a clumsy pirate with his good crew gulls turned enemies, who would have thought that idea? It’s an awesome idea plus cool falling game perfectly combined for one spectacular app. With some twists and turns added in this game, this sure will keep you playing for hours!

This app deserves a four-star rating because of its smooth, slick, and excellent 3D graphics! Not to mention, the awesome pirate soundtrack which completes the whole experience of a pirate having an adventure on the sea. The intuitive controls add up to the easy gaming that any player would ever experience. I must say that the power-ups are witty enough in making this a fun game after all the hardships and challenges that you will get when you play this falling game. Considering it’s free, this is still a must-try app despite the many pop-up ads that occur along the game.

Will you help Captain Clumsy?

Captain Clumsy is just a breath of fresh air from the usual apps that we’ve been playing. If you want to take a break from the runner games and time-pressured puzzle games, definitely this app will get you craving for some more fun falling game like this. Aye, matey?

You might find yourself in the shoes of Captain Clumsy as he was just silly to lose his very own prized possessions in the ship which was taken by his trusted gull enemies. Probably you would feel his agony and try your very best just to get back what is all yours. In his old age, retiring happily and enjoying what he has worked hard for all his life would be the best thing that could ever happen to him, right? So if you’re too good to be true, why don’t you help Captain Clumsy? There might be some reward scattered around the corner! *wink

I bet taking a sneak peek of the awesome trailer of Captain Clumsy will explain to you how excellent this app really is!

And now you’re convinced! Be the greediest pirate in town and collect all the gold coins as you avoid the gulls along your downward fall. Go ahead and !

Further details to be posted on their and accounts.

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Android App Review: Captain Clumsy
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