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On October 11, 2012
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A defense game for Android devices that involves fish fighting against pirate fish to defend their mermaids

The app market has an insane abundance of defense games after smash hits like Plants. Vs. Zombies championed the gamers’ preferences. Available on the Google Play Store now is

Even though the game play of Fish vs Pirates is somewhat a bit stale and too familiar, the addicting element will still keep you going. There’s already a multitude of this type of game that Android gamers have grown accustomed to. But with the very vivid underwater graphics and mellow scoring of Fish vs Pirates, defense game fans will certainly be left avast and thinking of their next strategies. Savvy?

Fish vs Pirates is a defense game from Frismos Games which lets players defend their platforms by lining an army of fish that will stop the pirate fish from conquering their base. Like any other defense games, Fish vs Pirates requires clever techniques. The best thing for players to do is to prioritize platooning their army of fish because you never know when the pirates will attack. It is also best to buy at least one oyster and position it along or behind your army so the oyster can produce pearls while your squad is throwing attacks at pirates. The pearls that the oyster produces will serve as the money for the player to buy another fish, oyster, shell, or starfish.

Fish vs Pirates Gameplay

Drag a fish at the forefront of your base to stop pirates from coming at your base. The fish will spit bubble weapons that will weaken and eventually kill the pirates. It takes a little time before the pirates can be killed so make sure that your fish is positioned far from the attackers. Add oysters somewhere in your army because the oysters will produce pearls. Each pearl is equivalent to 20 points. The points that you collect will let you buy another fish or a shell. The shell doesn’t really have any power against attack, but they can serve as good shields since they are tougher to crack.

From my experience, it is always best to prioritize buying a fish to add to your army. Some fish costs a little expensive but it’s worthy since it can field more attacks and lasts longer depending on how the players position them.

Some pirate fish holds a certain amount of coin when you kill them. So make sure to kill every pirate at every turn and get as many coins as possible. Use coins to buy power-ups like electrocution or the King Triton-like figure that will crash all the pirates that are attacking when the situation gets tougher.

New enemies will be shown in different levels. You need to carefully map out your strategy before positioning the fish to secure your base when a school of pirate fish attack at once. Once you get the right approach to combat the pirates, you’ll move on to the next level. Just be mindful of your scheme in the next levels because the more you advance, the harder the game gets.

Jango says “Aye!”

Aye aye! This is one challenging game. Just when you thought you’re getting the gist of it, Poseidon becomes mad and lets you scheme another clever strategy to kill them pirates.

Fish vs Pirates has a very nice game play. Perfect to kill time, and let me say that this game will certainly drain the batteries of your Android devices. It has that fun, entertaining element that is lacking in some defense games. And maybe that has something to do with the fact that Fish vs Pirates contains amazing illustrations, chill musical scoring, and challenges. For a free app to contain so much amusement and replay value is such a sweet trade. Just be very, very mindful of your scheme, or you will find your school of fish in Davy Jones’s locker.


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Android App Review: Fish vs Pirates
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