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On January 25, 2013
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Search for the given objects that are hidden from hundreds of little things.

Sometimes, life gets a little boring. Your family is all stuck up in your house waiting for something that can spice up your dull lives. That happens to my family as well. We are all just being couch potatoes eating as much food as we can and watching television for long hours until our eyes get tired and before we know it, it’s time to sleep. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, right? But the question is, are you really having fun? If you and your family or even friends are looking for something cool to do that will make your bond stronger in a fun way, then I guess a free casual app is the best remedy that I can give you.

I can now sense that you’re all excited about my news! Well, if you are a keen observer and you are just fascinated with seek and find games, then let’s give thanks to the people behind – an app which stores thousands of little things that you need to find!

The biggest and coolest search is bound to happen after the jump.

You’re probably familiar with this independent Australian game development company who also made the addicting seek and find game, Doodle Find. And now KlickTock is alive and kicking again, serving our hungry minds with an absolute entertainment satisfaction with their cool, fun and amazing application dubbed as Little Things Forever. The search is on!

KlickTock‘s is a free Android application which allows its users to seek and find the objects identified which you will see in the upper right hand of your screen. It is really amazing to see such colorful, bright and excellent graphics which will definitely add up to the excitement of your search. This is not your ordinary seek and find game nor a complicated game to play since the app is loaded with thousands of things that you need to search! These artworks eventually turn into a little mosaic where numerous objects are hidden which makes up the whole image as well. If you’re itching for some more details, read on!


√ Search from various colorful artworks which are built from hundreds of little things

√ Excellent HD graphics

√ Awesome enchanting background music

√ Over a hundred of puzzle pieces to collect, save and unlock more artworks

Search those Little Things!

The app showcases a wide variety of cool and amazing artworks which kids, adults, and artists will truly admire! You would notice that there are numerous objects that make up a whole artwork. When you zoom into a specific object, you will see another mosaic of little objects, and the list goes on and on. (I guess the photo on the right side will make it clearer for you.)

The mechanics of the game is plain simple: You need to search for the list of objects shown in the upper right hand of your screen. The faster you search for it, the better! If you’ve done a nice job, you’ll get a puzzle piece which will contribute a lot later in the game. There are four pieces of the puzzle that you need to collect. Upon getting the four pieces, you need to solve and complete the jigsaw puzzle. If you’re successful with it, you will unlock another artwork loaded with hundreds of objects that you need to find! Cool, right?

There are three types of games here: the typical seek and find where you need to find the objects that are listed, a time-pressured seek and find game where you only two minutes to search for the given item, and the jigsaw puzzle. These are all puzzle games with a twist of seeking and finding specific items, animals and objects which will really tickle your brains! To complete the whole fun experience, there are 9 achievements that you need to accomplish along the game. Well, you need not to give up easily since there are available hints that you can use. Plus, zoom in is a better option!

Kirsten Loves

I was really stunned and shocked when I tried on this app. It’s indeed super cool! I love the cute and excellent graphics, the enchanting background music and the intuitive controls of this one slick app! Hands down to the people behind this app, really. I was impressed with the idea that objects are hidden underneath a big object. It looks like a big art attack loaded with hundreds of objects just to put up an artwork, right? The challenge was, some of the objects are not in their real color since the colors depend on the real colors of the bigger artwork. I just loved it to pieces and I sure played for hours happily! Considering it’s free, it’s really an app that’s worthy of that download despite the pop-up ads that appear for some time.

Overall, this app deserves a five-star rating! ‘Nuff said. *wink!*

Take a sneak peek below and be amazed by the wonders of Little Things Forever.

Keep your eyes wide open and download !

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Android App Review: Little Things Forever
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