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On January 14, 2013
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Simply slide and group the same colored blocks together.

I’m pretty sure you’ve tried assembling a Rubik’s Cube, didn’t you? Well if not, then perhaps you’ve wanted to know how the Rubik’s Cube masters do the trick in putting the colors back in order? I believe we have the same sentiments that’s why for once in my life, I’ve watched how my brother shift the cube until he’s done. I’ve learned that there’s a step by step process on how to group the blocks that have the same color. Unfortunately, I won’t teach the steps. But rather, I will introduce an app that’s somewhat like a Rubik’s Cube yet it’s only two dimensional.

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Are you ready to move it, switch it, and tilt it? The shifting is about to happen after the jump.

Playing with the Rubik’s Cube has been a trend until now. You would see different types of people who have their own mastery with their own cubes. Some will do it without looking, with one hand and even with one finger only. I know that sounds ridiculous and unbelievable but those people are experts when it comes to the craft of Rubik’s Cube. Well if you are miles and miles away from being one of the experts, then we shouldn’t be stressed and frustrated because we can be great in other things, right? Let’s find out if Shift It can be the app that’s perfect for your interest.

Developed by Gamegou Limited, is a free Android application which lets its users to arrange and group the same colored blocks together by shifting the blocks. Unlike the usual 3D Rubik’s Cube, this game lets you play with a small two dimensional square. With some rules to follow, and unlimited solutions you can make, definitely this puzzle game is a challenging one that will keep you playing for hours!


√ More than 300 unique puzzle that will tickle your brain

√ Access to a maximum of three hints along the game

√ Find the secret shapes to accomplish the achievements

√ Discover different and numerous shapes as solutions to the puzzle

√ Ad- supported

How to shift it?

Just like any other engaging and fun games, begins with a simple and quick tutorial showing you the basic mechanics of the game as well as some rules that you need to follow. The rules are easy yet challenging! All you need to do is to slide to group the same colored blocks together. It is sure easy upon reading the rule. But there are other rules which makes it more difficult for you to group the same tiles together! You should be aware that the blocks rotate in an infinite loop. Moving them may seem endless so you better be alert when sliding. You should take into consideration that every move counts – the less moves you make, the more stars you can earn at the end of every level. (Three stars being the highest)

It may be easy to group the blocks together but as the game progresses, there are added mind-boggling obstacles that will tickle your brains in analyzing on what move or slide to make in order to achieve your goal. Along the game, you will encounter a block with a lock on it which means that you can’t move, switch 0r tilt the entire row of blocks. That’s pretty hard, right? You can also bump into a triangle block with two colors, making it even more tricky for you to move and group the same colored blocks.

Hence, this game doesn’t want us to suffer from all the obstacles in it. Let’s try to look at the brighter side of things in this game. Now, I’m keeping your hopes high as you want to attain victory in this game, don’t you? To make this game a bit fun, you can find the Hints option on top of your screen. Remember that you are only given a maximum of three hints along the game so you better make use of it wisely. Aside from the limited hints, there would come a time where the position of your blocks is close enough to the correct answer. A message will pop saying, ‘So Close!’ (Just like at the left photo)

Again, the basic idea of this game is to slide the multi-colored tiles you can find on your screen and either move, switch or even tilt the blocks just to group the same colored blocks. Conquer the obstacles found in the game and it would be even better if you can make less moves to get the three stars at the end of every level. If you can’t think of a solution to the puzzle, you shouldn’t give up because there are hints available which can help you solve the mind-boggling puzzle game. Sounds fun, right?

Kirsten Loves

I was curious when I saw this app on Google Play Store and to my shock, this is one interesting and challenging app for me! I was fascinated with the idea of the app which is quite similar to the ever trending, Rubik’s Cube. Yes, I was one of the many who tried playing with it and I may say, it was very addictive! You won’t stop until you get the colors back in order! But what’s even better was this app that I’ve discovered because the gameplay is quite similar yet with a of of twists! Well I think this is way easier than the usual 6 sides of the Rubik’s Cube but a square in this app consists of two or more colors which you need to match in any order you can think of. What’s even cooler is that you can come up with lots of solutions to the puzzle because there are endless possibilities. Considering it’s free, this app is still a must-have despite the many ads that pop up every now and then. I simply adore the cute, bright and candy-like graphics of the game. It’s a very user-friendly, slick and spectacular app! Just like me, I’m sure you’ll never drop your Android devices and will keep on playing for hours!

Will you Shift the Blocks?

Yes, I became addicted in Rubik’s cube just like my two brothers. That’s why my struggle moments way back with the Rubik’s Cube came into my mind with this interesting app.

Overall, this app deserves a five star rating. The app can bring the creative being in you since having a wide scope of imagination is what it takes to accomplish a puzzle. Apart from sliding, moving, switching and tilting the blocks, you can also have fun creating different objects as you solve the puzzle. What makes it even more exciting is you can come up with different objects, match the colors and overcome the numerous obstacles along the game. And you can enjoy all of these for FREE! Cool right? I must say, this is one of the greatest puzzle games, so far!

I believe you can’t still imagine how the game works, right? The video below will show you how works.

And now you’re convinced! Let your imagination wander into a fun place of puzzles and shift those multi-colored tiles!

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