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On March 8, 2013
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Feeling like a math whiz? Then try this time-pressured Android game by Otinsoft!

Aside from monsters under my bed and the thought of acquiring chicken pox, no one can possibly take away my non-sense fear of math. Exaggeration aside, numbers seem to have that intimidating feature that sends chills down my spine whenever I’m faced with it. Not that I totally hate it, I just fear the exactness that it requires. But the numbers game is not that difficult after all, I have learned this the hard way though.

Of course, we’re all adept with the four basic mathematical operations. Using it daily, I think that we should all be hustlers when it comes to simple equations. Then again, when panic starts to creep in, even an elementary addition query can catch us off-guard. As for me who want to practice answering swiftly, mobile applications are a big help! Want to know my latest catch in this category? Then read more of this Android app review after the cut.

It is easy enough to mentally solve a numerical equation when it involves small digits. But when asked upfront with a sense of urgency, who can deny that maybe once or twice in our lives, our brain cells suddenly can’t fathom to work. Good thing there are puzzle applications that can exercise our math skills and one of them is Magic Math Free!

The time-pressured math puzzle application created by OtinSoft is an educational and mind-teasing game that can enhance a person’s speed when it comes to solving simple math equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Game Play

First up, a player should choose what operation would they like to play. The stars indicate the size of the playing grid. The higher the number of stars, the bigger the grid which means there are more numbers to choose from.

Basically, all you have to do is think of the two digits that when added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided, would result to the target number that’s found on top of the screen. And for some greater fun, there’s the Random Operation category where you’ll be tested with all four mathematical operations that’s changing per grid.

As you can see on the picture above, the target number is 16. This is under the addition category with only one star. Oh, before I forget, the stars are relative to the difficulty level of the puzzles.

Tap the digits on the grid to answer. Make sure that they are in their correct order so the app will accept it. For example, the target number is 9 under the subtraction category, you can’t tap on 3 before tapping on 12 because that would end up with a negative answer.

Once a digit has been used, it will disappear on the grid, making your future calculations easier since you’ll be given a lesser number of choices.

It does look hard but when you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game as much as I do!

Saving your time

With each correct answer you give, there will be additional seconds on your timer. And if you can accumulate 100 seconds because of your mathematical awesomeness, the app will reward you with bonus seconds that you can use on your future play. This feature is great because it acts as a motivation for players. Unlike other apps that only gives you a thumbs up, at least Magic Math Free offers something that can prove to be beneficial to a player’s statistics on the game.

There are other options too on how you can gather bonus seconds. It’s either you buy it on the in-app store or you help in spreading the word by using the app’s integration with Facebook and Twitter. See? You can easily get more time with just a couple of taps!

End Note

Magic Math Free’s interface is great alongside the cool background music it has. It is uncluttered and easy to navigate which is great considering that a player will already be facing a lot of trouble trying to tap as fast as the countdown timer.

This is definitely a download-worthy app! The different difficulty levels makes Magic Math Free flexible with various age brackets of Android users. Not only adults can have fun with this app because children can also use it as a training ground. From speedy simple calculations to memorization, one can learn a lot of things through this math game!

Do check it out in the !

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App Review: Magic Math Free
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