App Review: MetaTrader 5

Review of: MetaTrader 5
MetaQuotes Software Corp.

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On November 29, 2012
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Financial markets inside your pocket!

Passion, wits, and definitely a great pair of pantsuit, those are the topmost requirements for being the next star stockbroker in town. But is it really? Well, it might be essential as you speed your way to the top but don’t forget the most important weapon you can put in your pocket: the right and vital information for the current events in the stock market.

Of course, a stockbroker’s life depends on how well he handles his transactions and clients which is pretty much relative to the stock market and Forex’s status. Don’t worry about always being in the loop because with a mobile app that acts as your handy-dandy best friend, you’ll never miss even a slight drop from the line charts that serves as your lifeline.

Say hello to the mobile application called MetaTrader 5! The mobile counterpart of the ever-reliable website that’s trusted by countless of businessmen who’s always on the look out.

To tell you the truth, I have no inclination with business matters. Which makes me incompetent with this world’s jargon. Nonetheless, I will still give an objective review of the features of MetaTrader 5 and the efficiency it can obviously offer to our suit-wearing-briefcase-holding brothers in the moneymaking business.

MetaTrader 5 is a mobile application created by MetaQuotes Software Corp., which is the perfect companion for stockbrokers. This app can keep them abreast by allowing them to—as said in the app’s description—connect with broker’s servers, receive currency and stock prices, perform market analysis using charts and technical indicators, trade and view the history of trade operations.

The Stockmarket Right At Your Fingertips

I’ve already admitted that I’m a noob in the business world so I really appreciated the feature of using a demo account to access MetaTrader 5. Confusion overwhelmed me, though. But I conquered it and created an account regardless of my lack of knowledge with the “leverage” and everything in between. 

The signing up process is easy enough. Just type in some personal information about yourself (mobile phone number and e-mail address), select your broker from the list, and you’re all set to see what’s the latest.

Upon entering the application, you will see four tabs on top of your screen: quote, charts, trade, and history. Since the stock market is ever-changing, a solid internet connection is needed to experience the full real time functionality of the application. Most of the online websites delay the changes for minutes at a time but a fast-paced industry should not tolerate any kind of delays, right? Ergo, that’s one field goal for MetaTrader 5.

Once you’re done authorizing all the needed information for MetaTrader 5′s trading platform, you can now start using the app at your own disposal. With features that are top of the line, the app is a great find in the app market.


  • Receive prices of financial instruments (Stocks and Forex)
  • Execute trade operations using the full set of trading orders and various execution modes
  • Implement almost all possible trading strategies
  • Any time and from anywhere, you can access the history of your trade operations in order to determine the profitability of your trading strategies

The app also has the full set of technical indicators that allows you to perform technical analysis of the Stock and Forex markets including the Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Average Directional Movement Index, Envelopes, and a whole lot more!

End Note

With MetaTrader 5′s simple and very user-friendly interface, it exudes the no non-sense aura which, of course, it definitely is. It’s an app specially created for a group of people and I bet that it won’t disappoint them.

You can download the FREE application in the and . If you’d opt to download it on your computer, then do visit their website for more information.

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App Review: MetaTrader 5
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