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On August 23, 2012
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Move the box lets you clear the docks by solving the puzzle of stacked boxes all within the allowable number of moves.

Are you just sitting on the dock of the bay, having that far-off look, and wasting time by allowing the tide to simply roll away?

Well, get ready and prepare yourself for some errands with Move the Box.

If you’re a casual gamer and you’re on the lookout for a time-killing machine then this innovative, brain-teasing gaming app is meant for you!

Let’s start cleaning the dock right after the jump.

Created by  and Otizito LLC, Move the Box is a logic puzzle app compatible with both devices which basically challenges you to clear the dock by moving boxes in a limited number of moves.

Remember Bejewelled? If not, then allow me to refresh your mind. It is game wherein you have to swap gems to match jewels and make it all disappear. This type of gameplay is very analogous with Move the Box although it altered the format down to the basics that plainly provide you with set boards engineered with over 168 levels to play.

Once you’ve tapped the play button in the app, it will present you the level selection screen. The levels are named after major cities around the world, each comes with their own individualized backdrop and crate designs. The variety of levels to choose from are the following: Boston, Osaka, Hamburg, North Pole, London and Rotterdam. After choosing the level, you’ll eventually be taken into the gameplay.

Moving crates is not an easy feat

The main objective of the game is to well, move the boxes of different designs that are stacked. It’s incredibly simple because all you have to do is to move the boxes around within the specified number of moves and make the boxes vanish Bejeweled-style.  You can move, drop and swap the boxes. Three or more boxes of the same kind in a row will explode and disappear. As you level up, the difficulty of the game increases as well because there are more boxes that need to be flicked and switched around. This app is also conducive to the trial-and-error methodology where you can revert your moves with its repeatable ‘undo’ button.

The catch: Your box-swapping ability will definitely be put into a test. You have to move boxes of the same kind in a line until it disappears within the allocated move limit. You must watch out for your turns carefully or else, you’ll fail it and will have to ‘retry’ again. You must also foresee how moving a box in a certain way would prompt a series of chain reactions and how it would lead to the eventual elimination of all boxes. You must finish each level in order for you to unlock and move on to the succeeding levels.

Can’t spot the next match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip. But be reminded that you’re restricted with limited hints only and if you want more, you may buy 5 or 15 hints online.

The Pros

-Ultra-awesome graphics and a relaxing vibe overall
- Piece of cake gameplay
- Unique take on the three-in-a-row type puzzle games
- Repeatable ‘undo’ button
- Wide range of level difficulties
- Consistent sound

The Cons

- Hint system for seemingly difficult levels
- Additional hints cost money for purchase


Move the Box dares you to take the complex puzzles without you even noticing your bus stop wait seem shorter. It is surprisingly difficult in the long run but is largely addictive that anyone could actually get hooked into it.

Download this app for free on the  (Lite).

See how this app works in the video below:

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Clean the Dock and Move the Box
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