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Review of: Neon Blitz
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On October 10, 2012
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Neon Blitz is a free app that lets players trace different images of glowing objects and symbols.

Neon lights were a huge hit in the 80s. It was a part of the punk and new wave social scene that always left a feeling of ecstasy among the Gen X people. Every party—from wild house parties to mad warehouse parties—was always decked out in shocking electric glows of neon tubes and light bulbs.

In this new day and age, people who are huge fans of the fluorescent blues and greens and pinks can finally enjoy the neon madness on their Android and iOS gadgets. Meet the sequel to the well-received Neon Mania called Neon Blitz! Neon Blitz, just like its predecessor, is another neon line tracing game that will let you uncover images of incandescent figures like shapes, landmarks, planets, signage, and music and food symbols. Blitz your way through different puzzles and let your eyes pop out for the beaming visions of neon glows!

Neon Blitz is a free app from Vivid Games that lets players trace different images of glowing objects and symbols. The idea of the app is simple; but the difficulty might actually lie under the fact that the game is too simple. While the app is easy to master and to control, there is a time allotted for each game. Each round is timed for a minute. And in a minute, you need to connect the lines that will make the images glint with neon lights. You have to trace the lines as quickly as possible so that you can acquire stars that will let you buy power-ups. Be as fast and as accurate with your tracing and get the highest possible score that you can gain.

Neon Blitzing!

Before playing the game, players will have to choose three boosters from the five choices namely:

  1. Time – Additional 5 seconds
  2. Multiplier – Grants 5x Combos
  3. Accuracy – Greater Mistake Tolerance
  4. Freeze – First mistake won’t break combo
  5. Finisher – Get max points for last neon

Trace the lines using your finger. Each line in the neon puzzle starts with a point that is specified by a star. It doesn’t matter from what point the players want to start with their neon tracing. They just have to be mindful that all the tracing is accurate and that they get the bonus points in the game.

When players continuously connect the images without mistakes and lags, the neon puzzle will glow brighter and will make you acquire combos. Too many hold-ups or failure to finish the given puzzles will result to Game Over.

Every round presents different pieces of puzzles so you’ll be delighted to see not too many repeats on the neon objects. The gist of Neon Blitz is to top your score in the previous session. The game doesn’t really offer that much challenges aside from finishing the puzzles in time and gain stars. But the game still presents endless replay element that will make you say “One more” before putting your devices down. The glowing puzzles and amazing images don’t hurt as well.

● Super simple addictive gameplay with over 800 levels
● Get the highest score possible in a minute
● Unlock constantly updated weekly contests and challenges
● Collect boosts and power ups to max out your score
● Challenge your friends via Facebook
● Check your standing in the global rankings
● Play along to your own soundtrack – choose from from your device’s music collection

Jango Blitz!

The neon screams Duran Duran and Wham! Certainly very 80s and punk-y. This game makes me want to eat Nerds and Chiclets while playing for a little throwback.

The game is simple. It is fairly simple to the point that it will really make users play for another round or two because there aren’t really thinking, or physics, or gyroscope-ing needed here. So that’s a plus. The neon puzzles are also very catchy. It’s my dream to put neon tubes and lighting in my room so this factor appeals to me hard.

Neon Blitz is the kind of game that makes up for the draggy time that you spend waiting for your flight in the airport, or waiting for a friend who’s stuck in the subway train. Never mind that the game doesn’t really progress or doesn’t really present another challenge more than beats the time. Because entertainment value is what counts.

Download Neon Blitz on the for FREE.

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App Review: Neon Blitz
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