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On September 3, 2012
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An endless runner game about a vampire speeding off to collect coins and friends.

Nosferatu is an etymological term for “Dracula” or “vampire” tracing back to its Greek origins. In 1922, an expressionistic silent film of the same name was made starring the legendary German actor Max Schreck as the nosferatu, Graf Orlok. In English, Schreck’s Graf Orlok is the alter ego of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. Max Schreck’s Nosferatu was so hauntingly terrifying, what with his rat-like ears and Uncle Fester-ish glare, that it earned a spot among Empire Magazine’s The 100 Best Films of World Cinema.

Despite the menacing connotation that the word “Nosferatu” implies, Smuttlewerk Interactive still released an app called Nosferatu – Run from the Sun. The best thing about the app is the image of Nosferatu himself because instead of having to look repulsive, the developers morphed him into a cuter, elf-looking runner of a vampire. So, even if Nosferatu has nothing on Edward Cullen or Lestat in the looks department, he’s still a phantasm that is rather hypnotizing, and hard to resist.  

Nosferatu – Run from the Sun is an endless running game for Android and iOS which features a vampire speeding off to collect coins and bump into random “friends.” The fundamental idea of the game is to let Nosferatu run as far as possible from rooftop to rooftop, or even clifftop to clifftop, without falling down the grounds. Once Nosferatu falls, the sun will catch him and Nosferatu will ash to death. The gameplay is as easy to master as any endless runner games. Actually, Nosferatu – Run from the Sun might be a thousand times easier because despite having to perfectly master Nosferatu’s jumping mechanic, there are no real enemies here—except the sun, maybe. But come on, it’s a given that for vampires, the sun is never a friend.


Let Nosferatu run until he reaches the highest score from one level to another. Tap once to make Nosferatu jump, and tap twice to make him do a double jump. Long jumps are harder to master. You have to hold the screen longer to make him leap from rooftops, to clifftops, to other otherworldly platforms, and make sure that your timing is right. Players need to literally bump into every other friend that they will meet, which will then turn into baby Nosferatus.

There is a point in the game where Nosferatu will turn into bat mode and gather coins from up high. Players just have to be careful not to bump into the aliens gliding along. Collect as many coins as you can for buying upgrades like longer extents of bat mode, and triple jump. There are several power-ups that you will likely scoop along the game like Magnets for attracting coins, and Speed Boosters. Completing the journeys will let Nosferatu level up and attain the highest scores.


➤ Simple and precise touch control!
➤ Many power-ups – lots of hoarding!
➤ Many missions – many successes!
➤ Play the game again and again – endless fun!
➤ PlayPhone leaderboards & Achievements!
➤ Great 2D graphics!
➤ Great music!

Jango is hell-bent for Nosferatu!

I like how Nosferatu debases the modern depiction of vampires because Nosferatu is the real deal. If this game was inspired by the real terror that was Graf Orlok, then I strongly approve!

What strikes me the most about this game was the sharp and balanced graphics and illustrations because it looked like it was taken from Tim Burton’s page of weird/fantasy wonderland. Even the sounds sound Tim Burton-ish with a hint of Vangelis. Overall, the aesthetics are sweet and neat.

What’s bummer about the game, however, is the lack of enemies and any real surprises. Sure, Nosferatu – Run from the Sun can be engaging and all, but after mastering the controls, it gets really boring and repetitive. Still, I’ll sink my fangs into this game over other goody boredom busters out there.

Nosferatu – Run from the Sun is available now at the .

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App Review: Nosferatu – Run from the Sun
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