Swing Shot Takes the Shot and Scores!

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On July 13, 2012
Last modified:August 17, 2012


Swing Shot may be Com2Us' most entertaining gaming application to impress the world over. It truly deserves five golden stars from us.

Angry Birds, beware!

Leading South Korean developer Com2uS has just taken a shot and released an addictive network battle game that can possibly beat all the shooter games available for Apple and Android devices. Unsurprisingly, this superbly entertaining game from the mobile game pioneer has already topped 1st place in the FREE Category of App Stores in China and Korea, and is consistently bagging a lot of praises from reviewers all over the world!

Swing Shot is basically a battle game that lets you play on your own or beat your friends. Jungle animals hang from planks of wood or bits of metal rods or wooden branches, and these cuddly creatures get to throw various objects (which clues you in on what kind of animal it is). They look like cute animal mobiles, and surely folks will love to buy plushies of these indeed comic yet cute animals!

With the animals’ wacky antics, sounds, and overall cuteness, it’s a whole lot different from the other games already dominating the mobile game arena. Don’t let the graphics deceive you, however. Since your characters will be dangling from swinging objects, shooting opponents won’t be easy.

Applatter Commends:

Nice graphics and sounds
Addictive gameplay
Online multiplayer support
Available versions

Applatter Loves:

The free app allows you to play the single-player version (Arcade) and the turn-based online multiplayer (Quick Play).


Learn to strategize and understand the laws of physics with this social online multiplayer game. Just touch an animal, drag your finger back, and release to send an object flying towards your opponents. The monkeys, raccoons, bears, sloths, and pandas all have different attacks, and they can fling rocks and beehives to hit opponents or the mobile they are suspended from.

With the “My Room” section of the game, you can choose the animal you want and where to put it. You get to choose your mobile setup: change boards, sticks and animals; and purchase weapons and extra spots for your animals on your mobile. As long as you can pay for it in coins, you can have it.

Com2uS has thoughtfully infused character and likeability into the application by adding awesome details like the priceless look on the animals’ faces as they’re knocked off, and the memorable way these animals chuckle when you miss hitting them. Hurt them and they’ll get bandages around their heads.

What are you waiting for? Download the free app now and start playing alone or against friends and strangers online! We assure you that you will be just as absorbed in the Swing Shot world as we are!
Check out Swing Shot’s official trailer video below!

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Swing Shot Takes the Shot and Scores!
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2 comments on “Swing Shot Takes the Shot and Scores!

  1. This is definitely worth downloading! It’s fun to play especially when you want to kill time and you can even play it while offline.

  2. somethin' fishy
    on said:

    been playing this for whole day..hehehe..
    love it!!


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