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Create your own stylish and virtual wedding invitation with Appy Couple.

Want to propose a date with your crush? Duet will help you ask your crush out on a date to a fancy restaurant. Hungry and can’t decide where to eat? Urbanspoon will help you decide and find restaurants in your neighborhood. Got engaged and planning your wedding is a pain in the neck for you? The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is your wedding savior as it helps you plan every detail of your pre-wedding itineraries. Today, we live in an app-obsessed world. Whatever things that we need to do, for sure, there’s an app available which can help you make your life easier and better.

The chilly Winter season is fast approaching, and it is a good time as any for couples to tie the knot and confess their love for each other in front of their loved ones. Living in an app-obsessed world will make our wedding planning as easy as falling deeply in love with your special someone. Again, let me be your “Little Miss Cupid” and this app review will make your pre-wedding planning with your lovey dovey a fun, easy and magical way like never before!

Apart from wedding gowns, dresses, cakes and souvenirs, weddings would never be complete without your wedding invitation! How would your loved ones know about the details of your wedding such as venue, time, date and other pre-wedding information? Word of mouth or a text message wouldn’t be a good idea after all, right? Spread the good news of love and everything nice to your loved ones with an app called Appy Couple!

Created by AppProPo, a New York City-based start-up, Appy Couple is an app which lets you compile all your wedding information such as photos, the story of how you met, how he proposed, events associated with the wedding like Bridal Shower and Bachelor Party and anything that you can think of rolled into one app. Who says wedding invitation couldn’t be as stylish and creative like this? Be amazed and fall in love with the Appy Couple as it will literally make the bride and the groom a happy couple!

As easy as “Falling in Love”

Your wedding day should be the biggest day of your life yet it is also the hardest! Now, let’s find out how easy it is to compile all your desired ideas to make that dream wedding come true!

The fun and excitement all begins with the bride as she visits the Appy Couple website. This app works as easy as falling in love: Choose your design, Personalize and Invite Guests. This app works not without a unique code so that only invited guests can have access to the app-invitation.

Once your app-invitation is set-up, your guests can simply download the app for their Smartphones. Each app also comes with a wedding website so that friends and family can still have an access to the wedding invitation and other information even if they don’t have their Smartphones.

Invited Guests can enjoy the app with the following features:

  • Capture every moment of the wedding journey as a remembrance and upload it directly on the app
  • View map, get event details and even RSVP to it
  • Send messages to the couple with pictures attached to make it more personalized
  • Toast with the other guests via the virtual champagne
  • Distant guests can still be updated on what’s happening on the wedding day itself via photo streaming
  • Share your opinions to the couple via the custom polls
Guests can also feel the spark and fireworks of the couple’s love as they browse through:

Our Story

Simply share with your loved ones your magical love story and how you were caught in each other’s arms. In this tab, a short description of the bride and the groom will be posted. Plus, how they met and how did the guy proposed to her girl and asked the magical words, “Will you marry me?”


A list of itineraries will be shown and only the key people will have access to those events that they are invited to. Events such as Bachelor Party, Bridal Shower, The Ceremony and The Reception are posted in this tab. If you click on an event, you can either accept or decline. The cool thing though is that, the couple will give specific details about the said event such as the venue, travel information, music theme, colors, dress code and a lot more to make the event an interactive one.


One of the most popular feature of the app which just counts down to the date of the wedding! You would feel the wedding jitters as you  see the countdown from the days, hours to minutes. But the coolest thing about this countdown app is that on the day of the wedding itself, it turns into a live photo feed of images! Anyone who uploads images on the time of the wedding ceremony, turns into a beautiful slideshow of pictures. This is a great idea for relatives and loved ones who are far away and can’t attend the wedding. This live photo streaming can make them feel that they are present on the wedding itself.


Customize this tab any way you want it. This is also an important feature as you need to see where you’re registered and the things that you should buy.

Key People

Another cool feature of the app which allows the couple to set up their entourage! From the flower girls to bridesmaids to groomsmen or whatever you want to call them, make this their special page as you put a short description about them.


A wide collection of photos uploaded bot just by the couple but anyone from the guests.


Type and send your simple message for the couple. Say your wish with a pop of virtual champagne as your background which adds to the vibe of the real toast!

Best Wishes

Personally, I am always fascinated with weddings! My pastime would be watching wedding videos, listening to the couple’s vows to each other, getting goosebumps as the bride walks down the aisle as she starts to cry together with her groom. Honestly, I’m not in any plans of getting married yet. But the thought of owning your big day and a once in a lifetime event makes me feel excited. (Though I don’t see my future husband in the picture yet!)

I know that planning for your big day might sound tedious. Creating an app to make your wedding day a successful one really makes sense especially in this fast-paced and digital world.

Hopefully in the future, I can make use of this Appy Couple app as me, my groom and our guests document the rest of our journey as a couple to lifetime partners.

For your information, this Appy Couple is available for your devices for free! You are sure to hear wedding bells as you try and document your biggest event in your life with this stylish, personalized and virtual wedding app-invitation.

In this app-obsessed and innovative world, who wouldn’t want their married life to start “Appy-ly” Ever After?

So what are you waiting for? Say “I Do” to this wedding app-invitation first and download Appy Couple now.

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