Asva the Monkey HD: Simple yet addictive fun

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On March 5, 2013
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Asva the Monkey is one challenging puzzle game you won't get tired of playing.

Cambodian developer Osja Studio used traditional Khmer elements to conjure up a wonderful puzzle game to test your wits. If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game that can give you a bigger bang for your buck than most of the available mobile apps on the market, look no further. Just download Osja Studio’s Asva the Monkey.

Find out why Applatter highly recommends Asva the Monkey after the jump.

Before anything else, though, here’s a little background on Asva:

Asva is a curious little monkey. He was too curious, in fact, that he tried to touch a magical light that somehow suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was then sucked into a a dark portal that leads to several worlds of floating gems and disappearing platforms. His goal? To finish each level and get back home.

Help Asva get back home. Let him know where to go with a few swipes of your finger. The challenge here is that you need him to step on every platform before finally reaching the prize in each level. You can’t make him go back even by a single step–he can only move forward or sideward. You’ll definitely wrack your brains trying to figure out the correct sequence of platforms for Asva to step on. If you do try to capture the gem before stepping on all the platforms, Asva gets sucked into the hole beneath the gem!

What We Love

1. Beautiful graphics and immersive user experience

The Applatter team cannot actually decide whether the graphics are better than the background music. The former is very colorful and pleasing to the eyes. The latter is very soothing and suits the game perfectly. It helps that the music was made with traditional Cambodian music instruments.

Based on the graphics alone, we think that Asva the Monkey is best played using an iPad.

2. Asva the Monkey HD’s six different worlds

Asva by default will start playing in the forest, but there are other worlds in store for him: crystal, clouds, volcano and Iceland. There are over 90 different levels that somehow get progressively difficult.

3. Three different modes

The endless mode offers non-stop challenges, while the survival mode lets you play countless puzzles with only one life. Story mode lets you immerse yourself into Asva the Monkey’s adventure story.

4. New Christmas-themed levels

OK, we know it’s already March, but it’s definitely still Christmas as far as Asva is concerned!

5. In-app purchases available

Purchase special items from the store with your watermelons, or purchase watermelons with real life money to improve your game.

What We Don’t Like

Although the game is compatible with the iPhone , iPod touch and iPad, we really think it is better played on an iPad.

The Bottom Line

Asva the Monkey HD promises endless hours of fun. It’s a very challenging and entertaining puzzle game that every iOS and Android user must try. Surely the guys behind The First Cambodian Game Development Studio must be very proud of their bestselling app!

. Android users from the U.S., meanwhile, can (at least until further notice).

Applatter Team

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Asva the Monkey HD: Simple yet addictive fun
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