New App in UK: Barclays Mobile Banking

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On July 17, 2012
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The Barclays Mobile Banking app offers the same Barclays service on the fly.

Managing personal finances is not easy. Bills need to be paid regularly, and sustenance must always be available, for a single twenty-something me. This is why, whenever I find a utility app that makes the mundane things easier and more convenient, I can’t help sharing the application with the entire world (or anyone interested, for that matter).

So I encourage UK residents out there to check out Barclays’ dedicated mobile banking app (as featured in TNW).

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App is

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Standard network charges may apply. You will need to check with your network provider.

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The app does not work on rooted handsets, and rightfully so, to discourage hackers from gaining unrestricted access to the entire file system of their Android devices.

Even though the app was released mere weeks ago, it has already attracted the attention of plenty of people. It’s probably because it is a free app that will only use up 6.5 MB of your device’s precious memory space. It also allows you to manage your Barclays and personal Barclaycard accounts anywhere you go. And since it handles your important financial information, Barclays packed it with advanced security solutions for your own peace of mind!

This native app lets you check your latest balances, view your most recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts, and find your nearest Barclays branch or ATM.

Barclays is definitely redefining “financial freedom” with a free app for your finances. They’ll be bringing new features for Barclays Mobile Banking soon, and Applatter can’t wait to find out what they have in store for us!

If you are a Barclays customer, experience the best mobile banking experience available to you today!

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New App in UK: Barclays Mobile Banking
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