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Keep your student life organized with My Class Schedule (free) app.

Being a student is one of the most stressful periods every person goes through. Agree? Imagine all those sleepless nights reviewing for your final exams, long hours of sitting and listening to your professor which at times you can’t understand and those days where you forgot to do your homework with the most terror professors in college!

School life eats a lot of our time daily. We spend long hours at school rather than at home with our family. Maximizing our time is the best thing to do especially in a student’s life, right? We need to take note of a lot of things such as homeworks, projects, reports and most importantly, deadlines! How can we remember all these things with just our own human mind? Now, let me be your “Little Miss Professor” and this app review will give you the best solution for your classroom dilemmas.

Free for devices

Developed by Sebastian Mayer,


  • Color-coded timetable

Assign colors with each subject to make your timetable organized. Choose any color you like for a more personalized feel.

  • Widgets

With sizes of 2×1, 3×1, 2×2, 3×2 and 4×2 to choose from, this shows all remaining courses of the day.

  • Notifications

You wouldn’t forget your homework, exams, quizzes, reports and other school stuff because you will be notified by this app.

  • Mute

Professors don’t like to be distracted by cellular phones in class so this app automatically mutes your phone while the class is on going.

  • Save

From courses to grades to homework, you can save as many as you want.

  • SD Card

This app also runs from your SD card. (Except for the widget feature)

Ms. Kirsten Loves


The main feature of this app is the timetable which allows its users to have an overview of what their week will look like. If you want to know whether you have time to hang out with your friends over the weekend, the timetable will automatically tell you if you’re free or if you have to stay at home and study for your exam on Monday.


I also like the grades feature which will keep you updated on your progress in each subject. You can keep track of your grades to know in which subjects you’ll need to improve on.


The app also has a simple and user-friendly interface which suits the easy and fast-paced life of every student.

Ms. Kirsten’s Lesson for Today

Back in my student days, I was a planner school girl. Having my planner with me every day made my day in school and even at home more productive. My planner was still the handy notebook style wherein I jot down all the things that I needed to do and remember. Putting up those cute post-its to make my planner colorful and organized made me happy everytime I looked at it. For me, my planner was very useful because I never forgot any homework or project that I needed to do. Fortunately enough, I could do things ahead of time whenever I see that I had spare time on a certain day.

Now, planners have a virtual version available on Android to make student life hassle free.

Keep track of your daily school life, be organized and this app now.

To know more about My Class Schedule, like them on .

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Be organized with My Class Schedule
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  1. ミンメイ Daniels
    on said:

    Great idea! My planners are left empty almost every year. At least I won’t forget about it if it was in my phone


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