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Shoot and knock down those colored talking blocks.

If you are one of the few who gets bored easily during Physics class, simply because it is a complicated subject that you just can’t comprehend such terms and topic, well you’re not alone. Truth be told, Physics is one of the lessons that we can’t get away with especially in our everyday lives. One proof would be, Physics is slowly dominating the app world!

You shouldn’t be scared, though. We can now apply the lessons that we’ve learned in school, the terms that we’ve missed in our exams and the processes that we’ve forgotten during recitation in class, right? This Android app review will prove to you that Physics can be both fun and challenging at the same time! With a little help from our balls and blocks friends, we can now have a clear grasp of how Physics can eventually turn your world upside down! Is it because of gravity? Well, some magic is bound to happen with !

It’s time to knock down those colored talking blocks after the jump.

When it comes to Physics-based games, Angry Birds is the first thing that pops in my head! I guess, the massive impact that this app has brought to people is really insane. Yet, game addicts just like me, are still on the look out for some more fresh, challenging and fun games that will keep them playing for hours! If we have the same dilemma, then you must read on and find out if Blosics HD FREE is the app that you’re looking for.

FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG developed an app dubbed as which caters to those ‘Little Einstein’ in today’s generation. Taking from its name, this game relies mostly on blocks and knocking them down off the screen using your colored balls. Hence, this is not your typical shooting game since the colored blocks are talking and they can do serious tricks up their sleeves! However, you shouldn’t worry since your powerful colored balls have different strengths and abilities that will contribute a lot in your victory. The game might look simple to you but you better watch out for those colored blocks that are moving drastically depending on how you knocked them down with your powerful balls. To add to the whole thrilling ride, Physics is present all throughout the game with some added features that makes it a mind-blowing one!


√ Four Episodes: World of Balls, Blocks from the Deep, Balls Go Underground and Blocks from Outer Space

√ 120 levels all in all

√ Unlock 13 different power balls

√ 2 control options on how to fling the ball

√ Awesome Physics simulation

√ Excellent HD graphics

√ Ad-suppported

How to shoot the blocks?

The developers geniusly developed an app which starts with a quick yet interactive tutorial which showcases the basic mechanics of the game. For an app to be understood by hungry game addicts, a tutorial is very helpful for them to grasp what should be done to play the game correctly. I love the fact that the tutorial is interactive in a way that you can try it out for yourself. When the tutorial explained that you should shoot the blocks by flinging with your ball, the app will allow you to do it as well. I guess, this is how a great tutorial should look like – letting the users experience first hand before the actual game starts, right?

Along the tutorial, you will be asked about how you want to control the ball – classic or alternative. The classic shooting style is the usual shooting where you will fling the ball towards the blocks with some serious force in it. While the alternative shooting style is where you will simply drag and release the ball accordingly. Whether you choose the classic or an alternative shooting style, you need to focus on hitting those colored blocks! Well, you can always change your shooting style anytime. Just hit the options tab on the main menu.

Like I said a while ago, this is not your typical shooting game. Every challenging game needs some serious fun obstacles along the game. As the game progresses, you will have the chance to unlock those powerful balls. Of course, the more balls you unlock, the more fun you can have! These balls possess unique characters, powers and abilities from each other which might help you knock those blocks, either in a bad or good way. You can use up to 13 different balls to fulfill your mission. Some of the powerful balls would be: the female attract ball, psychic ball, the heavy ball and a lot more! It’s up to you to find the best strategy of getting rid of those colored blocks off your screen, as many as possible!

For you to finish a level, you need to destroy as many blocks as you can and reach the target points. However, throwing a ball costs you a certain amount of points, depending on their power. You can change your ball as often as you can which you can find at the bottom left of the screen. If you wish to destroy more blocks, then go ahead and change to the ball that destroy a massive stack of blocks. If you earn big, you can earn more stars, three stars being the highest.

Just like your colored balls, the colored blocks also have special powers which is hiding beneath their given color. The green blocks are the lightest, the yellow blocks are heavier than the green ones and the red blocks are the heaviest among them. The heavier the block you destroy, the more points you can earn per level!

Obstacles are also present in this game which will make it a bit difficult for you to get rid of those blocks. Some of the obstacles are rubber platforms which allow the ball to bounce, ice platforms which are slippery and a lot more. These obstacles will make you think before doing such actions because once you release a ball that doesn’t take down the blocks, you’ll just waste your points.

Kirsten: The Shooter!

I am not really good when it comes to my Physics class, way back in college but Physics-based games like this just proved me wrong. Physics can truly be one thrilling, challenging and entertaining ride!

The app deserves a four star rating mainly because I was amazed with its excellent HD graphics and sound effects, plus it’s a slick app! The game was well thought out – making Physics geeks and shooters embrace this cool app. With all those obstacles, unique balls and blocks, definitely there’s a fresh feel of the game every level.

All in all, this game made my dull moments turn into a memorable one. This is truly an app worth downloading for your Android devices. You can instantly be a “Little Einstein” with a twist of tickling your brains on finding the best strategy to knock down those colored blocks off your screen. Considering it’s free, this game has a lot to offer despite the many ads that appear most of the time on your screen.

If you’re still not convinced, why don’t you take a sneak peek on the video below:

I bet you’re now ready to download? Grab your own

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