Bubble Bust!: Poppin’ Bubbles is Oh So Fun!

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On October 11, 2012
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Bubble Bust! is an addicting bubble-shooter game that will surely keep you busy for hours.

I’m a fan of bubble shooting games for some reasons I don’t understand. Call me shallow or a simple casual gamer, but I just can’t help but get easily fascinated with those kinds of games. To be honest, playing casual game applications is one of my fetishes. I can play games for hours—it’s true! I’m deeply attracted to apps that can conveniently provide me with amusement and are download worthy.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you one of the apps that really caught my attention and interest. Say hello to Bubble Bust!

Shoot and Pop with Bubble Bust!

Bubble Bust! is an addicting and mind-blowing bubble-shooter game developed by GameOn. This free and casual game application has been played by over 10 million people around the globe already. It presents a highly engrossing gameplay, visually entertaining graphics, and tons of fascinating bubbles and power ups. This app features three different worlds called as Bust that Bubble!, Shooting Stars, and Struck by Lightning.

A note to remember: Bust the Bubble! is readily available once you downloaded the app. The other two worlds, however,  need to be purchased first before you can play the games.

Poppin’ Features

  • It offers 90 levels of serious yet entertaining bubble shooting gameplay. It is also packed with more than 200 additional easy to access levels.
  • It uses high definition graphics and breathtaking visual effects.
  • It features colorful bubbles and thrilling power ups as you proceed to the next levels.
  • It uses an interesting arcade inspired music.
  • It is packed with over 35 awesome achievements.
  • It comes with a global high scoring feature so you can compete against the other players from varied countries.
  • It uses a three star ranking system.
  • This app has accurate controls with two cool ways to shoot.


To play this game, you just need to remember these two simple rules: first, clear the marbles and second, bust the hidden key bubble to finish the game. When clearing the marbles, be sure to match the correct colors at all times. Aim for the right spot in order to successfully pop the bubbles and get high scores. You can clear the marbles by making groups of the same color. Make sure to aim your bubble at the right target and come up with three or more marbles of the same hue to clear them all.

Some levels in the game can only be played when you use gold coins. Because of this, you then need to hit the gold coins inside the bubbles, which you will see in each level, before they explode.

Some friendly reminders: Use the power ups and hit the bubbles properly for you to get excellent scores. Make sure to plan your strategies well in order to achieve rewards at the end of each game. Also, avoid crossing the glowing line at the bottom of the screen. If you fail to clear the bubbles before they touch the line, the game will surely end.

I Like!

No matter how common this game is, interestingly I find Bubble Bust! as an entertaining and addicting game. I actually like the simplicity of the rules and the game itself, plus the added surprises that it provides in every level. In fact, I myself is deeply engrossed with the game. Before I go to sleep or during my free time, I hilariously find myself playing the game. Normally, I will just read a book or watch television shows or movies but things changed after I tried this app. Honestly, I have already completed all the levels of the first world, Bust that Bubble!, but I still make it a point to play this game once in a while. Being a competitive player, I’m actually aiming for gold stars this time.

Minor Correction

No, I’m not purposely acting as a perfectionist nor a word Nazi, if there’s such a thing, but I just want to take note of this simple word that really caught my attention while I was playing the game. When you play this game, every time you hit great sets of bubbles and reach good scores you will see some positive words or compliments on the screen. Some of which are Nice, Perfect, and Excellent . But there’s one word that really is bothering me, the word “Marbelous”. I’m not really sure if this word, spelled with the letter “b” instead of “v” is also used in other countries. I just thought that it would be better if they just use the generally accepted term “marvelous”. That’s all! Just saying my opinion.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a nice game that is surely worthy of your spare time, then I suggest that you try this amazing application, the Bubble Bust! Just like the other bubble shooting game applications, Bubble Bust! can be played by people of all ages, both young and adults. Personally, I enjoy playing this game and there’s no doubt that I’m keeping this app on my iPod touch for quite some time. Because of Bubble Bust!, I no longer have dull moments. Hurrah!

Bubble Bust! is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is available on the and for free, so go ahead and try this one now!

If you want to get a hold of the full iOS version of this cool app, then . Bubble Bust!’s paid version is available for only $0.99.

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Bubble Bust!: Poppin’ Bubbles is Oh So Fun!
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