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Be a burger master with this "delicious" and addicting game application called Burger!

History says, according to Wikipedia, that a hamburger was first created in America around 1890. The term hamburger or commonly known as burger or hamburger sandwich was derived from Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. At present, a lot of variations have been made already for this yummy treat. Different patties and ingredients are used other than beef to satisfy the cravings of the buyers. Some of which are called as chicken burger, veggie burger, tofu burger, garden burger, and a lot more. This delicious treat has already reached different countries around the globe including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries among others. Yum!

Striking news! Burgers have invaded our mobile phones and gadgets as well. If you are an avid fan of game applications, like me, you are definitely aware of their existence. For sure, you have tried playing them too for a few times. Here in Applatter, we have already introduced to you two of the most-sought after burger inspired game applications, the Stand O’ Food and Sky Burger. Stand O’ Food, a free Android app, allows you to serve burgers to satisfy the cravings of your customers and serves as a tool also to test your strategic planning skills. In Sky Burger, on the other hand, you will need to catch all the needed ingredients in order to meet your customers’ orders. Sky Burger, which is a free iOS application, will lead you to having a mouthwatering and mind-rocking tall burger.

This time let me present to you another must-have burger and restaurant inspired game application. Presenting ! Don’t be fooled with its very simple app name as Burger will surely take your game addiction to another level. Burger will also let you become a burger master as you will need to prepare a number of hamburgers and make a good impression to your customers. Are you up for the challenge? Or are you craving for some burgers right now? Choose both!

I Want Some Burgers!!!

is a casual game application specifically designed for Android users. This addicting application is a burger-serving game wherein its users need to  take and serve their customers’ orders in a timely manner. It has more than 300 levels and offers 40 achievements which you can brag to your friends. Developed by Magma Mobile, Burger is the app that will surely make you crave for real burgers once you finish the game.

May I Take Your Order, Please?

In this game, you will be hired as a crew member in a chain restaurant. You will need to take your customers’ orders and make a recipe out of the ingredients that you have. Images of the orders are shown at the right side of the screen. The goal of this game is to satisfy your customers’ cravings as fast as you can. And of course, you will need to serve the orders correctly in order to get paid. A friendly note to remember: For you to earn a lot of money and even get tips for yourself, you will have to serve a as many customers as you can before the time runs out and before your customers get irritated, if I may say.

One Burger Coming Up!

Expect to see a lot of sandwiches, garnishes, desserts, and sodas when you play this casual game app. In fact, in order for you to get more chances of excitement and additional ingredients, you have to play this game as many times as you can. Can you keep up with the challenge? We will see about that!

The ingredients that you can get in this game are bread, meat, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, cucumber, mayonnaise, bacon, fish, tomato ketchup, potatoes, muffins, ice creams, french fries, and sodas.

Game Features: Are You Ready?

  • Career Mode – in this game mode, you will face different levels of difficulties each day of the year. You will have to work from Monday to Saturday and do your best to reach your target goal for the day. Just like any other game, you will receive more earnings and acquire new sets of ingredients once you are able to provide a successful and good service. Not only that, if you become a great employee, you are given the privilege to gain awards and unlock more achievements.

  • Time Attack Mode – in this game mode, indeed time is money! This is where you need to brush up your skills and flex those muscles more so you can serve burgers, fries, and sodas like a robot. You are given a time limit in this level, so for you to impress your manager you have to double  your productivity. Moreover, this is where you can collect a great number of coins.

App Design: Enticing!

Burger is visually appealing. I love the colors and graphics used in the app. It has a clean interface and the ingredients are properly divided in the counter. Great job! Interestingly, every time I see the food items displayed on the screen, I can’t help myself but crave for real burgers and fries. Now that’s bad for my diet. *Grins*

Customer Feedback: To Help You Serve Better

I have seen a lot of restaurant inspired games already and I can safely say that I’m kind of addicted to them at times. With Burger, I think it would be better if the faces of the customers are also shown in this casual game. I just thought that it will serve as an additional thrill if the users can see the reactions of their clients. More so, if you are taking so much time serving the orders you can also see how angry or bored your customers are. And with this idea, you will definitely try to step up and improve your skills more to ensure that your customers will enjoy their meals and be happy with your service. Agree?

End Note

If you are looking for a casual game that is worth playing, then don’t hesitate to take a bite of this application called Burger. Personally, I see Burger as an addicting and fascinating game. It will surely capture your interest and it serves as a good time killer. It will also test your skills to see if you can be an excellent crew member or if you have what it takes to put up your own burger kiosk. Honestly, I haven’t tried playing this game yet but I will sure do given the chance. As I’ve said, I’m quite addictive to this kind of game so I’m personally recommending Burger as a must-try app. Biased aside, Burger is an exciting game that is intended for both young and adult players. Burger is available in the Google Play Market for free so go ahead and try this one now!

Download on your Android device for free and be the king or queen of burgers in no time. Thank you for coming.

Watch the video below to see how cool this app is:

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If you want to get more details on the history of burgers, might as well check Wikipedia’s article.

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Burger: The Tasty Burger Game
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