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From the 1950s to present, guess the name of the stars shown on the given photos.

Are you one of the few people who would do everything you can just for that one glimpse of your favorite celebrity on her biggest Asian Tour? For those who consider themselves as avid fanatics, you may find yourself collecting photos, posters, shirts, bags, pillows and other collectibles in which you can find the face of your favorite celebrity posted on something. You would even follow her on Twitter and ask for a miracle that she will reply to you or even follow you back. I know that sounds ridiculous or perhaps freaky since you are instantly becoming a stalker. Well, this is all for the love, admiration and support, right?

There’s no harm being intended by just being a plain avid fanatics of those celebrities who we view as our inspiration in our daily life. We may think that we dream to be like them in the near future; sing, dance and act just like them. But wait! Hold on tight to your seats as this Android app review will introduce a fan-tastic app that will test your knowledge about the well-known celebrities. Let Celebrity Quiz unleash your star-studded skills!

How well do you know the stars? It’s time to find out after the break.

Applatter has presented other types of celebrity quizzes to keep your mind working on your favorite stars. You’ve guessed the celebrity behind those warped faces on Celebrities Quiz and you’ve squeezed your brain on finding out which celebrity is behind those cute and adorable baby pictures on Celebrity Baby Quiz. Today, let’s all enjoy a star-studded and fan-tastic app that will get you hooked by guessing the name of the given stars on Celebrity Quiz. Game on?

SGEM‘s is a free Android application which allows its users to enter the name of the given photos of celebrities ranging from the year 1950′s up to the present. Well, that’s a bit challenging but if you’re a movie buff with all types of movies down to the classic ones, then I guess this is an easy game for you. You have to at least guess half of the given celebrities for you to unlock the next level. You need not to worry since there are available hints along the game which will give you some details about the artist and eventually will make you remember his or her name.


√ Enjoy and guess more than 100 celebrity photos which are divided into 5 levels

√ Access to limited hints which will help you in getting the correct name

√ Get to know more information on celebrities you’ve guessed correctly

√ Unlock new levels by guessing at least half of the given celebrity photos

√ Find out your progress on the game by tapping on the statistics icon

√ Ad- supported

How to Guess the Celebrity?

The app will first display a tab on Help and About which basically explains the mechanics and the rules of the game.

There are easy and intuitive controls that you will truly enjoy. Simply swipe left and right for you to see the other levels. You need to scroll up and down for you to see the other photos of the celebrities that you need to guess. You would notice that there are stars indicated under each photo. These stars define the worth of the number of points per given photo. If you see that there are three stars under that celebrity photo, then the more difficult it is yet the higher points you get. The more stars is equivalent to the difficulty level of the celebrity. Perhaps, he/she is from a classic movie that will make you Google him/her just to get the correct answer.

To guess on a celebrity’s name, simply tap on the photo and key in the name. Well, if you have no idea on what the name is, you have a limited number of hints which you can use along the game. You can tap on the hint icon at the upper right side of the screen and instantly you will be given some details about the celebrity which will hopefully get you to the right answer.

If you’ve guessed correctly the name of the celebrity, you can tap on the i icon which will bring you to their Wikipedia page and give you further details about them. You can also check how well you’re doing by just tapping on the statistics icon at the upper right side of the screen.

By the way, you are also awarded with additional hints that you can use along the game when you guess correctly the celebrity’s name. The more points the celebrity is worth, the more hints you gain.

Perfect guesses add up in getting a higher score. Perfect guesses occur when you guessed correctly the name of the celebrity on your very first attempt.

With a simple gameplay and additional exciting features, it is sure a lot of fun getting those question marks on top of your head as your mind wanders to the scene where you’ve last seen them and you recall the name of the given celebrity photos.

Will you take the Celebrity Quiz?

Honestly, I like watching movies and television series but not to the extent that I would be a movie buff. I am actually not that good when it comes to the names of the celebrities, only those in fashion and those people I like. That’s why when I played this Celebrity Quiz, it was sure a pain in the neck because I am only familiar with a handful of the celebrities on Level 1 and even lesser on Level 2.

Overall, this app deserves a three star rating. I was thrilled and hooked by playing with it to the point that I somehow cheated some celebrities because I don’t really know them but I want to level up. On the other hand, I find the design too dull since the background is just plain black. It would be better if the graphics and texts are cute, colorful and bright which will definitely attract the eyes of the audience and would-be players.

Hence, this app is still a must-try! Why don’t you and have a fan-tastic time taking that star-studded quiz!

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