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Reunite the hen with her stolen nest!

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Sympathize with a distressed hen as she sets forth on battling evil monkey thieves whilst looking for her stolen nest! Challenge yourself with this physics-based mobile game created by Health Pack Games and feel a sense of fulfillment as you reunite a mother looking for her babies.

Deem yourself fit for some monkey dropping and nest hunting? Learn more about Chicken Story 2 by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

Success upon success of challenging games involving the laws of physics inevitably resulted in a whole lot of freshly baked mobile apps with the same game play. But the real contest lies on how developers will utilize the celebrated physics-based game experience. In short, the back story and other additional knickknacks are the things they should work on.

Chicken Story 2 is the brainchild of Health Pack Games which follows the story of a hen and her quest to retrieve her precious nest from the notorious monkeys. It is a multi-platform application which is compatible with iOS devices, Android, and even Windows Phones.

There are two available game modes namely: Original and Network. Under the Original tab, 25 default levels can be played—take note that it’s created by the developers themselves—while in the Network tab, you go and try for a spin some personalized levels designed by other Chicken Story 2 players.

But before all that, upon opening the app for the first time, a cutting edge flash of the back story through multiple still photos will be shown, revealing the misdeed of the apes. There are no captions, no explanations, the well-illustrated photos already says it all. Although the hen doesn’t thrive to get her revenge Angry Birds-style, she’s determined to be reunited with her eggs by evading the monkeys through your help. Besides, a chicken battling a monkey? Very moot and uncanny.

It’s Time To Drop The Monkeys! 

Just like any other physics-based game, the characters all have the possibility of rolling towards the wrong direction or free-falling in an askew manner away from the target. The way to beat apps of this kind is planning on your moves and taking them at the right moment. Calculate, people!

Basically, the monkeys are sort of guarding the nest and the players must do the necessary actions to erase them from the screen, ergo, making them fall out of the picture. How? Tap on the piece of land they’re sitting in or any contraption holding them, for that matter. A single tap will make the item dissipate and send whatever’s on top of it, on a downward spiral. The monkeys, the hen, and the nest all have the tendency to drop which adds to the already challenging bit of making the hen land safely on the nest.

The goal here is to drop the hen to wherever the nest is resting, without the monkey doing the same thing. Unintentionally dropping the monkey to the nest will end your game but there are multiple tries which makes it as a trial-and-error game as well.

Create Your Own Challenge

Want some serious mind altering puzzle? Then do create a level of your own! A hammer icon found on the homepage will take you to where you can start designing a challenge. Different objects and the main characters are available at your disposal. If I were you, I’d make it look complex but interestingly easy to finish. Okay, that may not offer any form of excitement but at least the other players felt the intimidation.

Key Features

  • 25 unique and challenging levels
  • Unlimited re-playability, with thousands of user-created levels
  • Health Pack Network with cross-platform achievements and medals
  • Localization in 10 different languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

End Note

I’m not new to games that taps on Newton’s laws but so far, the level of difficulty it brings makes me crave for more or simply stop playing the game. Those that are too hard oftentimes makes me irritated so I end up deleting the app (sore loser much?) but Chicken Story 2 is a balanced game that combines an easy game play with a mental challenge to boot.

The back story and the illustrations are far from mediocre, so it definitely deserves a five-star rating from Applatter. Although I seem to have a problem opening the Network tab. I’m not sure if it’s my internet connection or an app malfunction but I couldn’t care less.

You can download the app via the , , and Windows Marketplace for the very very low price of FREE!

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Chicken Story 2: Stolen Nests
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