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Get the best deals with The Coupon App, TapSave, and CouponCabin.

Have you heard of the 2009 movie entitled Confessions of a Shopaholic? If not, you’re very lucky because I’m feeling generous today so I’m going to give you a short synopsis of the said film. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a romantic comedy film that talks about the shopping addiction of the main character named Rebecca Bloomwood. This chick flick is actually based on the Shopaholic series of the novels by Sophie Kinsella. To make this 104-minute film short, this moving picture will certainly lead you to the roller coaster ride of the lives of those people who are deeply addicted to shopping. In this movie, you will face a lot of her debts, learn valuable lessons from her mistakes, and find out if you are indeed in the same boat as Rebecca’s.

Personally, I believe that it’s innate and normal for all of us to have a Rebecca Bloomwood side. It’s just that some people have the courage and will to control their shopping addiction and some, unfortunately, can’t successfully do the same. It boils down then to our abilities to restraining ourselves from buying expensive stuff, which we don’t really need, and ensuring ourselves that we’re not living our lives in a get-a-work-to-pay-your-debt basis. It is really up to us—making smart decisions and doing justifiable actions.

Here in Applatter, we have already introduced to you some of the newest drugs that might somehow help in treating your shopping addiction. If you are up to online shopping, then you should try this free Android application called Official eBay Android App. If you are obsessed with discounts and you aim to get the best deals in town, then download the LivingSocial application. These two apps are just some of the available shopping tools that you can install which might actually guide you in the right way—away from maxing out your credit cards and waking up in debts that is.

Now, if you are still not contented with these two apps and you are itching to get more deals at reasonable prices, let me then present you with more coupon apps that hopefully can solve your undying shopping dilemmas. As your shopping fairy godmother, if there’s such a thing, I will introduce to you more free lifestyle applications that will soon be your new shopping buddies.

The Coupons App

The Coupons App, from Most Popular Download, offers a great number of coupon savings and shopping deals right at your fingertips. This app alerts you with the affordable deals available at your favorite stores, restaurants, and even gas stations. The Coupons App aims to give you the latest deals and discounts wherever you may be.

Pocket-Friendly Features

  • Coupon widget – where you can get real-time coupons and deals every day.
  • Gas prices – gives you updates on the gas prices in your location and informs you where you can get the cheapest gas.
  • Barcode scanner – this is a price comparison shopping tool.
  • Share coupon – allows you to text, email, and post your newfound deals on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Voice search coupons – offers a fast, easy, and hands-free product deal searching tool so you can quickly find your desired coupons.
  • Save coupons – lets you save your desired deals, note the coupons on the calendar, check the nearest venue, and more.

Lavinia’s Thoughts

I like the idea that because of this app, valuable coupons are being presented to the public in a very convenient way. Moreover, its users get the chance to get and be informed of the latest deals in the market every day at no cost.

Download The Coupons App on your devices today for free.


With TapSave, getting unbelievable deals and coupons is going to be a piece of cake. This app offers great savings, up to 90% off on retail prices, in fashion, beauty, electronics, home decorations, and kitchen and pantry products. This mobile application called TapSave is cited as the best way to shop and save.

Pocket-Friendly Features

  • Unbelievable deals – this app certainly offers high quality products at affordable prices.
  • Super flash sales – this app allows you to get the most sought-after savings. Most of the super saver deals last for an hour or less only, so you better act fast.
  • Deal alerts – where you can customize your notification settings at any time.
  • Secure buying – the app is secured by Braintree, the industry-leading payment processor used by well-known companies like Living Social, AirBnb, and Angry Birds.
  • Coupon savings – amazing coupons from trusted brands are updated daily.

Lavinia’s Thoughts

I am overly amazed with the over 1,000 brands featured in this application. Personally, I see TapSave as a very useful application and I think there’s no need for hesitations when using this app. Will I recommend this? Absolutely yes!

Don’t be an outcast! Install TapSave on your devices now for free.


Developed by CouponCabin LCC, the CouponCabin lifestyle application presents you with an overflowing number of deals that will surely cover all your shopping needs. Call it a hero, if you wish, because CouponCabin is created to save the day, your time, and hard-earned cash. It features grocery coupons, gas prices, savings at your favorite local stores and restaurants, deals on must-have products, coupon codes for online retailers, printable coupons for in-store use, freebies, and a lot more.

Pocket-Friendly Features

  • Easy navigation – you can quickly browse your favorite stores and brands for savings.
  • Bookmark – you can mark the stores or save the coupons as favorites, so you can easily access them when needed.
  • Sharing – you can share the cool deals with your pals through electronic mail.
  • Alert – you can put your desired deals in the calendar so you will be reminded always and you will never miss a deal.
  • Gas prices – find the cheapest gas prices near your location.

Lavinia’s Thoughts

What’s the best thing about this app? Presenting the new added features: My Coupon Camera and My Loyalty Cards. These additional features allow you to convert all the paper coupons and loyalty cards into digital versions. With CouponCabin, you can now bring thousands of coupons anytime and anywhere, minus the extra baggage and stress. Now that’s cool! Agree?

CouponCabin: A single coupon app that does it all! Download this amazing application on your devices this instant for free.

Watch the video below to see CouponCabin’s fascinating features:

End Note

Earning ample amount of cash is not easy. You have to acquire a professional job or put up a successful business in order to make money and survive. There’s nothing wrong with shopping and pampering yourself with luxuries once in a while. You just have to be smart enough when buying things. A friendly note to remember: needs first before wants.

Good thing these free lifestyle applications namely The Coupon App, TapSave, and CouponCabin are here to help us be aware of the latest savings and deals around town. With their amazing features, we can now bid goodbye to expensive spending and welcome smart shopping spree with arms wide open. I know you like it!

Need I say more? Visit the AppStore and Google Play Market now to download The Coupon App, TapSave, and CouponCabin. Happy shopping!

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