Crack Your Screen: “Oh My! What Happened?”

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On October 10, 2012
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Crack your mobile phone's screen through the use of this cool app.

Behold, in this Android app review I will introduce to you a casual game application that will surely give you a different twist of entertainment. If you love having fun and you can’t stop yourself from mocking your friends, then this app is perfect for you. What do you need? Simple, your Android device. What do you have to do? Well, download this app and do a single shake and you’re good to go. Within seconds, the fun instantly begins!

Crack Your Screen: What The ???

Presenting . Crack Your Screen is a free Android application developed by G6 Solutions. This app will help you capture your friend’s attention and fool them at the same time with just one magical shake.  After shaking your device, a crack will show after a few seconds. The funny and cool thing about its feature is that the crack that will appear on your screen looks very real. Without a doubt, your pals will surely think that your mobile phone is no longer in good shape once they get a glance of it.

How to Use Crack Your Screen?

After downloading the application, just press the “Ready” button to start the fun. After which, shake your phone to create broken lines and holes. After a few seconds, you will instantly see cracks on the screen of your mobile device. Then, let your friends have a look at your most treasured mobile phone and see their reactions after finding out that your device is no longer in its ideal shape. Hold it! There’s no need to worry because with just one magical shake again your cherished mobile phone will be back to normal. You don’t have to visit your dealer or have it repaired because all it needs is a shake.

Good Points!

Another exceptional feature of this app is that you can still use your phone, with full functionality, even though there are cracks on the entire screen.  When you use Crack Your Screen, there will be no internal problems that will happen to your device. At first glance and in a physical aspect, however, your phone will need some repairs or worse a replacement. Also, there are no ads included in this app.

End Note

Interestingly, I find Crack Your Screen as a fascinating app. Its simple yet amusing function will surely capture your friends’ interests. so there’s nothing to lose. My final thoughts? Use this app today and start having fun with your pals.

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Crack Your Screen: “Oh My! What Happened?”
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