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Caricature Maker Pro allows you to easily make colored sketches and cartoon images of yourself, your family, and your friends.

Do you still remember the app called Cartoon Camera? Yes, Cartoon Camera is one of the coolest Android camera applications developed by Fingersoft. This photo app helps you inaminate your pictures through the use of six different filters. It lets you transform images into cute cartoons in an instant—just by pointing your camera at your target subject and start shooting like a pro.

On the other hand, if you are not convinced enough with the fascinating functions that Cartoon Camera offers then might as well try this other cool photo application called Caricature Maker Pro. No, unlike Cartoon Camera, Caricature Maker Pro doesn’t allow you to shoot cartoon images instantly but it helps you create a very interesting imitation of yourself and your loved ones in an amusing and entertaining way. Are you eager to have a cartoon clone or see your cartoon-self? Great news! Caricature Maker Pro is the answer.

For users.

Caricature Maker Pro is an entertaining photo application from MCookie Inc. This amazing app lets you make high quality caricatures of yourself, your friends, and your family. Endless imaginations and exceptional artistic inputs are needed in order to successfully create a stunning cartoon. With this app, you can easily make colored sketches in a couple of minutes.

Striking Features

  • It allows you to use an existing photo from your library or you may also opt to take a new picture using your camera phone.
  • It has simple touch screen controls that you can use to add effects on your images.
  • It offers a wide array of customization options to ensure that you will definitely get your desired caricature image. You have the will to exaggerate, enhance, or play with one’s facial feature with this app.
  • You can opt to save your masterpieces in your albums or share your cool creations via social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter and through your electronic mail.
  • The app is packed with a great number of fashionable accessories, hairstyles, clothes, backgrounds, and a lot more. If you are still aiming for more, you can check the app shop at any time and choose your desired chic items.


The app’s design is simple yet it is full of colorful graphics. The hues and art clips shown in each image are undeniably eye-catchy. Kids and those who are young at hearts will like this app. It shows appealing graphics that will surely capture your little monsters’ attention and heart in no time.


This app is truly a winner if you are looking for something that can create a cute cartoon and close to reality imitation of yourself. Because of its fun features and user-friendly interface, using this Caricature Maker Pro app is definitely worth the try.


Unfortunately, unlike any other photo application such as Cartoon Camera, this app is not available for free. Yes, before you can experience and explore its cool functions you will need to spend at least $0.99 first.

The Verdict

If you are up to creating fun creatures and are willing to spend a few bucks just to get a time killer photo app, then go ahead and download this interesting application called Caricature Maker Pro. Personally, I haven’t tried this application yet since I’m not that willing enough to let go of a few bucks just so I can use this one. I just felt that Caricature Maker Pro is better off as a free app rather than a paid version. But overall, this photo editing app is still good so I’m giving it three stars.

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Create Your Own Cartoon Images with Caricature Maker Pro
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