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On November 23, 2012
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Help the turtle get to his home in Cut'n'Roll.

It looks like Cut the Rope, an award-winning physics-based puzzler brought another incarnation of its type. However, instead of dealing with the wee green monster Om Nom, you have to help a lost turtle find his way home.

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is a gaming application by for Android that requires players to slice through each stage filled with puzzling challenges to help out the turtle find his way home.

The Turtle On Roll

Upon opening the app, you have to select an environment: intro, desert, winter, sea, meadow. Of course, you have to begin with the intro environment as the others can only be unlocked once you’ve finished it.

Apparently, the little turtle in the game went astray;  using realistic physics and various tools provided along the way, maneuver this lil’ reptile to get to his home.

Just like Cut The Rope, where you have to go through a maze of obstacles and rope-cutting to get to the open mouth of the eager Om Nom, you have to make the cut as told by the on-screen instructions. The latter should make the turtle roll through all the stars and into the door. To do this, you simply swipe your finger and drag it across the wooden boards to create a path for the turtle to roll through the obstacles until it reaches the gate to his home.

With 45 levels, you must collect all 3 stars in each level on the way to the door to get perfect scores. The levels get progressively harder as you continue for you have to overcome various obstructions. Use your ingenuity and be clever in cutting, dropping, breaking, or melting anything and everything that can utilized in the game such as ropes (yes, this app have it as well). It actually makes a difference where and how you cut the objects especially on the chain reactions it can create but what’s challenging about it is that in each level, you only have a limited number of cuts.

Slicing The Deets

While it borrowed some, ehem,  if not all the game mechanics of Cut the Rope, I can say that the latter is still the unbeaten one. I can attest that it’s far better than this app. I don’t know about you, but my experience with it made me impetuous. As you play the game, it gets really exasperating. I swear I tried to control myself from throwing my phone into a wall.  Well, I guess I just can’t quite figure out the best tactic to beat the perplexing gameplay of this app. My other gripe would be the VERY slow response of the turtle, I mean you have to wait for it to roll like literally a turtle until it reaches the gate and most of the time it gets stuck at a certain point. I’m pretty sure those who lack patience might just close the app down. Last but not the least, I find the adverts that appear on the screen of the app quite disturbing.

On a positive note, the graphics are compelling and although the music is just a single soundtrack, I think it’s still engrossing in a way. In addition,  I guess it’s sort of a compensation when you’re stuck at a particular level. Anyway, if the devs could fix those details that I’ve mentioned above then this app can probably keep up with the success of the phenomenal puzzle game.

Final Verdict

 is apparently one of those physics-based puzzle that borrowed its concept from Cut the Rope and even though it lacks those addictive qualities that can make it highly entertaining, it is still worth a try. You’ve got nothing to lose anyway since it’s not a paid app.

Start cutting and rolling on the for free!

Get the idea of the gameplay of this app by viewing the video below:

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