Hey there, Dancing Baby!

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On December 7, 2012
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Let the Dancing Baby do his moves without his family catching him.

If you’ve visited y8.com too many times, then you are very much familiar with the tap and release type of games there where getting busted is a big no-no. From the usual clandestine kisses of celebrity figures to even the pitiful premise of Prison Breakthe gist of the game has pretty much endured the constant mood swings of gamers. Let’s face it, the more simple the gameplay, people are more likely to try an application. May it be that applications are used for recreation or they are just not into grasping too many thoughts just to play a game for a couple of minutes.

As the Flash game entered into the app market, different versions came about but I’m not exactly sure if it was greatly embraced by many since endless runners pretty much took over. Nonetheless, developers still created tap-and-release games maybe for old times sake? So here’s one of the newest addition you can find at the Google Play Store which definitely tickled my funny bone: !

I have quite a number of nieces and nephews which clearly is a tremendous factor in my being so comfy with children. With all their knick and knacks about things, they are the most trustworthy beings to get a very honest opinion. Plus, they’re a source of laughter too inside a household. From the moment they start crawling up until they start running around, nobody can stop their wrath topped with cuteness! And who could not say, “awww cute” when they see a baby trying their best to dance the Gangnam Style?

is a multi-leveled game created by Roll Game perfect for Android devices. The game follows a baby crawling in the living room with his toys scattered around him. Your goal is to tap anywhere on the screen to make the cute baby boy get all Psy in their living room without his mother, father, older sister, and even the mail man catching him because our baby is so sly like that.

The Baby’s Dancing Already?

Okay, let’s first start out with the background story of the game. At first I thought that the parents lashed out when they saw their less than a year old baby dancing his heart out in the middle of the house but I realized that they’re just astonished with the way their baby does the Gangnam Style complete with the “op op op” part. But don’t get me wrong, the sound scoring is not in any way related to the notable song. Looking at the graphics, it’s just too obvious that it is the horse dance.

Take note of the relatives movements when you decide to let the baby dance. There are hints on when they’ll turn around so be wary. For example, an exclamation point will appear a few seconds before the mother will check on her baby. Just make sure that you don’t get too distracted with the talented dancer so you can be vigilant with his relatives.

If you’re proud of your score, then go ahead and submit it to the global leader board.

Harrie Likes A Dancing Baby!

Although simple, I found the a very exciting game in terms of waiting for the relatives to turn around. Yes, it’s a game for children but you can never sue me for liking it! Besides, the graphics are great and it can be a great pastime when you’re waiting or sitting your day through a long drive.

If you wanna perform with the dancing baby, then go ahead and download the free application in the right now.

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Hey there, Dancing Baby!
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