Dr. Panda’s Hospital: The Vet is in!

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Let your kids learn basic information about health, medical procedures and the concept of sequencing with Dr. Panda's Hospital.

When we were little, our parents and teachers would often ask us, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Most kids will instantly say, ‘I want to be a doctor because I want to help the sick people.’ True enough, that’s how a doctor should be, to help and cure the sick people, right? However, as you grow up, you’ll realize that being a doctor takes a lot of time and effort from you. You need to study for almost 8 years just to be a certified doctor. You’ll also come to a point that you’ll feel like your stomach is turning upside down as you feel nauseated and dizzy all at the same time when you see needles, blood and everything gory in a hospital setting.

Hence, most kids would normally love to be around animals. They would usually enjoy the company of their adorable and cuddly dogs. While to some kiddos, animals are scary which makes them want to cry all day long. However, if your kids love both the hospital and the animals, you should realize that your kid’s passion and future might be about being a mighty Veterinarian. Well, you better hang on tight to your seats as this app review will take you and your child to the fun and colorful life of being a certified Veterinarian at Dr. Panda’s Hospital!

$1.99 for

Intrigued? The Vet is in. Read on!

Dr. Panda’s Hospital ($1.99) is an interactive educational Android application dedicated for those children and young-at-heart. It is an app which teaches kids about sequencing, anatomy and health care as they play like they were working in a real hospital setting. This application will help your kids give the proper care of the cute animals with different health problems. In this way, kids will learn basic information about health, medical procedures and most especially, the concept of sequencing. Hopefully through this game, kids will realize that the life of being a doctor at a hospital is not really that scary.


√ 10 fun doctor games and activities

√ 8 different friendly animal patients

√ Complete Hospital: Waiting room, two patient rooms and a helicopter landing pad

√ Rewards: Complete activities to earn medical or animal stickers

√ Touch & Discover: Fun animations and sounds


As you start the game, you’ll be taken to the lobby of the hospital with your cute yet sad animal patients waiting for their turn to be cured by you. You have to drag each animal to a free hospital bed and tap on them to know what’s wrong and how you can help them. You’ll experience different situations of sick animals where you can kill naughty bacteria on an animal’s stomach, catch those objects trapped in their esophagus using a magnet, get their blood pressure and a lot more! You just need to do everything that you can to make your cute animal patients be happy and healthy again.


The intuitive controls of this game just need some tapping, swiping, moving and sorting to give your cute and sad animals the perfect tender loving care that they need to feel better and happier.

Kirsten Loves

I simply love the easy and fun mechanics of the game which suits every child’s need of pure entertainment and education. The overall look of the app which is very slick, colorful, bright with cute icons are very pleasing to the eyes of the children which they will definitely love. Not to mention, the wacky sound effects of the animals which adds information as the kids play the game. This game is very straight to the point: they want to help the children be aware of the animals, show empathy to those sick and sad animals and let the children enjoy while doing all those medical procedures.

Kirsten: The Cute Animal Lover!

Honestly, I am not a pet lover. Hence, I find those animals cute. I just stare at them and say that they look so adorable and nice. Yet, I won’t touch them! As weird as it may seem, that’s how I show my love for them yet animals are not my best buds. Kidding aside, Dr. Panda’s Hospital will definitely change our view when it comes to management games. This time, cute yet sick animals are our patrons and their bad situation would put your patience and empathy to a test.

If you’re craving for more cuteness, then watch the video below for a teaser of this adorable app. and I bet your $1.99 won’t hurt if you’ll be the best Veterinarian in the whole animal kingdom!

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Dr. Panda’s Hospital: The Vet is in!
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4 comments on “Dr. Panda’s Hospital: The Vet is in!

  1. That looks seriously cute! Don’t feel odd – I know plenty that would rather look at an animal versus pet one any day Games like this are the reason I need to get some kind of Android device!

    • The animals are incredibly cute which makes you do everything you can as a Vet, right? Thank you for your comment and I will love if you drop by at Applatter everyday for some fresh app reviews.

  2. Kirsten, thank you for this review. My child was already a cooking in a restaurant with Dr. Panda but did not know they also had this cute doctor version….Another excuse to delay buying a real pet!

    • Hi there! I also loved Dr. Panda’s Restaurant yet Dr. Panda’s Hospital is more unique and fun, right?:) Thank you also for dropping by at Applatter.


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