Dragon Kingdom is a Tycoon Strategy Game Not for the Faint of Heart

Expand your empire in a strategy game worth a download.


Dragon Kingdom comes to the mobile platform armed with interesting features to set you on a memorable adventure. The free online grand strategy game appeals to all of us as it introduces yet another alternate world filled with dragons who crave flesh, rebel pirates who desire your existence, and a ghost ship searching for a myriad of treasures.


The app itself is free, but it includes in-app purchases.


The objective here is simple. You need to build a kingdom and send your vassals and knights to glory. Defend your empire against enemies-kings and queens of their own realm-in real time.

The app requires a bit of time to master, but a lengthy tutorial gives you ample time to familiarize yourself. The complex game seriously involves the use of strategy, with RPG and tycoon elements making the app a thoroughly challenging affair. This immersive game lets you manage your own kingdom and prosper along with other players. Challenging? Yes. Worthy of your time? Of course.

The online multi-player game is so huge and filled with complex missions that you may become so absorbed trying to excel in it. Enjoy activities like pludering collections, declaring war against other empires, and stealing other empires’ resources.

Not Recommended for Strictly Casual Gamers

Dragon Kingdom is so addicting that you are enticed to come back over and over. Just sign up using your Facebook and wait a bit for your new world to load! The fact that the game takes some time to understand may put off casual gamers a bit, but those who love tycoon games will find this a good game to try!

And with the detailed graphics that can sometimes remind you of the role-playing games of old, the app wins both novice’s and veteran players’ hearts.

Interact with your online enemies, check your people’s feelings and send your knights on quests. The signature tycoon elements include ability to construct buildings and plant and sow crops. The inclusion of the strategy concept makes this game much more demanding, however. You will need to increase your army’s population and ensure that they successfully complete missions. To do that you will have to improve your people’s skills. Good thing there are bonus items for improving skills! In-game points let you purchase items for the welfare of your people. Then there are quests available: Go on quests such as upgrading buildings and sending armies on missions to improve your own skills.

Do you accept the challenge? Download today!


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Dragon Kingdom is a Tycoon Strategy Game Not for the Faint of Heart
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