Dream Meanings: Decode Your Unconscious Thoughts

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Ever wondered what your dream meant? If yes, then this app will help you lose all the questions on your mind.

As our imaginations can wander off places nobody but ourselves can reach, so does our dreams. We are in our most vulnerable when asleep especially for those who are heavy “z” takers. Studies done by experts indicate that dead-tired persons are most likely to not dream at all while those who comfortably went to bed oftentimes undergo vivid dreams which they can remember the moment they wake up. Although this is a scientific fact, of course, we are all unique so when it comes to dreams, to each its own. But we are one and the same in the aspect of remembering our dream or two once in a while and there’s always a specific element that stands out among all the blurred and the weird. For whatever reason, a subconscious memory or some sort of a vision, dreams do have meanings.

As a believer of the supernatural, paranormal, and the unexplained, I perceive things differently, oftentimes with exaggerated depth and connection to an unseen force (yes, forgive me for all the out-of-this-world movies I’ve watched have clearly rubbed off on me). I have had more than a handful of rainbow dreams (the ones which are too happy that you’d want to stay asleep for a couple of hours more) and those gruesome and morbid ones which make me jolt out of bed. Since there might be a hidden message behind my subconscious movie-like thoughts, I refer to the  app for some clarification—even though there’s no assurance on its validity so please do take note.

Dreams can be very misleading and our tainted minds might get the best of us when we try to interpret them ourselves. For example, when someone or something is running after you, our first guess would be that someone in our conscious world would want to hurt us but in the world of dreams, it can connote that you might be afraid or anxious about something—or you’ve just played too much Temple Run. Kidding aside, there’s no exact explanation for dreams, not unless you visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist. More often than not, our dreams reflect our feelings and it doesn’t involve anyone outside ourselves. In short, it’s like a solitary release of stress and fears.

To stop yourself from making ridiculous speculations, better check out the application. Created by Perfect Solutions, the application doesn’t promise a comprehensive explanation based on the over-all meaning of your dream but it can give a short description on the objects, event, or emotion that’s included in your dream that surfaced enough for you to remember it.

Here’s a sample of an interpretation by the app:

What To Expect From The App

The vast list on the app is quite astounding. Offering a seemingly mundane purpose, I’m quite pleased that it really does well. But there are a few words which are a bit ridiculous. Roof corner, abalone, Zinc and even Zoological Garden are in it. Seriously, who would dream of those? Nonetheless, even though uncanny, it’s good to know that the list doesn’t only focus on the conventional ones.

As for my browsing, Dream Meanings has three kinds of explanation: self-realization, past-related, and futuristic. It presents only one of those per entry but it would surely give the app a boost if it has all of those in a single entry, don’t you think?


Very simple, organized, and purple—or pink, whatever. Its settings can be changed but there’s no replacing the shouting purple-ness. All you can alter is the over-all style (which only means the font). I’m not too keen on the design because for an app that touches a bit of the “unexplained”, a more darker theme with a few glits and glamour would surely do the trick. Look at the My Horoscope app’s design by clicking on the link because that’s a more appropriate theme, as for me.

If you’re feeling the “sharing” vibe, you can post an interpretation on your Facebook account via the app’s integration with it.

Harrie The Lucid Dreamer

Although I haven’t been dreaming much lately, the app will definitely stay on my device for months. Who knows, maybe I’d dream about clams later on. Over all, the app is great even though some explanations are short and vague. It’s still worth the download if you dream a lot or if you just have too much time on your hands, the list is quite a good read, I tell you.

You can get the free !

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