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Need a hotel to spend the night? See this app's list and get the best deals out of the best hotels near you!

An out-of-town leisure or business trip should be well-planned to avoid travel mishaps. I’ve learned it the hard way that everything should be ironed out before jumping on the wheels, believe me. It’s okay to do away with some travel must-do’s if you may, but as what my relatives tell me, never sacrifice where you’ll be spending the night. It should be a credible inn which is secure and of course, clean.

If you have enough to spare, the least you can do when your trip becomes ‘dull’ is to treat yourself to a nice hotel with amenities to die for. But looking around with no idea whatsoever where the hotels are, you’ll just be wasting your time, effort, and gas. To lessen all the hassle, why not equip your smart devices with the app called Expedia Hotels – Book A Room?

Yes, I’ve experienced having to sleep in what seems to be an age-old inn with creaking doors and windows plus a creepy slasher-film-type of a bathroom to boot! It’s an experience I’d like to forget but my will power doesn’t allow me to. Nonetheless, nobody in their right minds would want to go through that one helluva of a fright fest when they’re in their most vulnerable—asleep. To make sure that you’ll be sleeping safe and sound, plan ahead and get the best deals via mobile exclusive discounts!

Expedia Hotels – Book A Room works with GPS to ensure that you’ll be seeing hotels near your area. Expedia, as a whole, acts as a travel buddy for easy bookings or reservations for flights and hotels. You can check out their official website and see all the travel goodies that they have. Of course, high-end packages are still included in their list but for those with a tight budget, there are more than a handful of treats just for you. Not only do they offer the best bets with a reasonable price but also those that are credited—which means no shaking stairs and eerie bathrooms.

Expedia Is Open All Day And All Night

You can bet on it that all the hotels that Expedia has on their list are considerably great. Depending on your location, hotels may vary in abundance and of course, their distance and price range. Each entry on their roster includes the following details: hotel name, its “star” superiority, distance by kilometers, price per night, and discount deals (if there’s any). Upon clicking a hotel, you’ll be presented with all the basic information about that specific hotel including their amenities, price range on other activities within the proximity, etc.

Another awesome feat is that users can see the rating of previous hotel guests which also uses the Expedia Hotels app. The number of users who recommends a hotel you’re eyeing can be seen on the middle right part of the screen. For an easier search, you can filter the hotels via their popularity, price, user rating, and distance.

With a nifty and no non-sense (which means no advertisements pop ups whatsoever) user interface, your hotel hunt won’t be a bore especially with the slideshow of panoramic photos of each hotel on the list. Also, you can change the list view according to your liking. May it be a satellite view or a map view, the app has it.

Hotel-bound Harrie

Seeing all the four-stars and five-stars hotels around my area is simply mouthwatering. I’m not even sure why I checked them all out using the Expedia Hotels app because there is no way I’m spending money on a hotel near my house. Yes, I’m quite the cheapskate—haha! But this app is a sure salvation for all our traveling feet because this can help you plan ahead of time or even save you from having a sleepless night if in case your travel plans didn’t go the way it was supposed to.

The only con I can see is you have to be wi-fi connected to use the app. If you’re in the middle of the road with no wi-fi device on you, then sorry mate, you have to run through town to see if there are available inns.

You can download the freeware at the.

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