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YourSingapore Guide: Singapore is your instant travel companion. This app aims to help you explore the wonders and beauty of the Lion City.

I love traveling. And yes, I dream of visiting Singapore someday. Actually, I was supposed to go to Singapore last month with my friends. However, because of work load and some unfortunate events I failed to join them in the trip. Poor me. I felt really bad and devastated for quite some time because I was looking forward to it. On the other hand, because I intend to stay positive as much as possible and stop myself from sulking since it happened already and there’s nothing more I can do about it, I just told myself that I still have time to pursue this dream of mine. Just like what my friend said, “Singapore will always be in Singapore. You can still visit it anytime you wish.” With this in mind, your hunch is right. My answer is a loud “Yes!”. I am still planning to travel to Singapore given the chance.

Anyway, enough of my unrequested storytelling. Sorry about that. I came across that story because in this app review I will present to you one of the coolest and most helpful travel applications that you can install on your Android and iOS devices. Hopefully, this travel app that I will feature is going to be your instant tourist buddy-app when you go to the Asia’s Lion City, no other than Singapore.

Pack your bags and purchase those tickets now. All together, let’s say: Singapore, here we come!

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YourSingapore Guide: Singapore

Developed by Singapore Tourism Board, this travel app called YourSingapore Guide: Singapore is surely going to be your best pal when you visit the Lion City. With YourSingapore Guide: Singapore, you no longer need to bring huge maps and heavy guidebooks because the app itself is your instant map and guidebook. For your convenience, this application aims to show you the best places which you need to see without the extra baggage and cost.

A lot of fascinating and engrossing things and activities can be done in Singapore. But with this mobile app, you can easily check out the activities that you really like. Say goodbye to the idea of paying for an expensive tourist guide because with this app you can now absolutely roam the city like a native. Moreover, this app has a built-in map already so you can quickly go to the places you want and see what amusing parks, restaurants, or attractions are close to you.

YourSingapore Guide: Singapore also features more than 500 tourist privileges for shopping, dining, entertainment, spas, and a lot more. In just a simple click or tap, you can conveniently find your way around the Lion City—minus the stress and irritation.

Four Stars for YourSingapore Guide: Singapore

It’s a given fact that whenever we are in a foreign land, it’s really hard to explore its beauty and visit the attractions because of the obvious reasons such as unfamiliarity with the place, language barrier, travel expenses, so on and so forth. Good thing, this mobile app called YourSingapore Guide: Singapore is now here to lead our journey. Listed below are just some of its cool features that’s why this travel app is cited as one of the must-try travel tool to have.

  • It offers a comprehensive information about the more than 1,000 exciting things that you can see and do in Singapore. Facts are grouped into different categories so you can easily browse your interests and check which ones are closest to your area.
  • With its built-in map, you can get to places in a timely manner. It is packed with quick route suggestions, travel fare estimations, and even taxi booking features.
  • If you have something in mind but you don’t know where to find it, just type it in the search bar and in no time the app will display the one that you have been looking for.
  • This app also allows you to save some entertaining attractions, places, or latest events that are dear to you. This bookmark feature lets you view those saved files when you are no longer busy with a certain activity. And if ever you land near the location of your saved files, the app will remind you of the expected activity or attraction that you can check out in the said place.
  • Are you eager to share your amazing journey with your family and friends? Well, this app will help you do that. Its sharing feature will let you post your holiday experience in various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

The Advantages of Using this Application

Free Data Usage

Interestingly, this app allows you to enjoy free data usage. How? Just connect to the StarHub network and call *188# when you arrive in Singapore to learn more details about the features of this must-try travel application.

It’s Your Personal Travel Companion

Because of its overloading information, its users can definitely strut their way around the city with ease and it will surely satisfy their travel needs.

It’s Free

Yes, you read it right. This informative mobile app is available at no cost. It’s absolutely free to download and free to use. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Disadvantages of Using this Application

Heavy Battery Usage

As noted on the apps’ page, the continued use of the GPS running in the background of this app can likely decrease the life of your mobile device.

Data Charges

Unfortunately, some of the contents in the app may need internet access. When you visit other pages outside the YourSingapore Guide: Singapore travel app, data charges will apply.

Bad Connection

According to some of its users, there were instances wherein they experienced few errors with its server connection every time they try to navigate its content.


Without a doubt, the app is truly appealing as it showcases the exceptional images and sceneries of the Lion City. The graphics used are colorful and the app itself has a simple yet user-friendly interface. It is polished enough and the featured icons are creatively presented.

The Verdict

Just like any other app, YourSingapore Guide: Singapore has its own minute errors. Nonetheless, because of the convenience it brings and the useful information it offers I think the app still deserves to get four stars. Will I recommend it? Since I haven’t personally tried this app yet I believe I cannot completely attest to its reliability as of now. However,  after checking its features and reading some user reviews,  I can still somehow see YourSingapore Guide: Singapore as a must-try app. More so, I might as well use this one if ever the chance of visiting this famous and breathtaking place, the Lion City, comes my way.

Are you going to travel to Singapore anytime soon? Then, get a hold of this travel app now. Who knows? YourSingapore Guide: Singapore might just be the best travel companion that you have been eyeing for.

YourSingapore Guide: Singapore is compatible with and devices. Install it today on your gadget for free.

Watch the video below to get more interesting facts about this amazing application:

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Explore the Lion City with YourSingapore Guide: Singapore
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