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On September 10, 2012
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Instead of getting a room, why not try getting these couple apps? Share privately your undying love for each other with my Five Couple Apps.

Getting into a relationship requires love, trust, patience and most importantly, time. However, living in this fast-paced world gives us so little of our time to spend just a minute or two with our special someone. Now the question is: How can couples kiss and make-up in this app-obsessed world? The return of “Little Miss Cupid” is here! Today, this app review will shoot your hearts with my bow, arrow and My Five Couple Apps for Android!

Going on public and sharing every piece of your intimate moments with your loved one might not be a good idea after all. Seeing cheesy, sweet and cliche heart-filled posts on your news feed might be irritating. Agree? Most of the time, it just feels better to have a right place to spill and shout your heart’s desire, isn’t it? Instead of saying “Get a room!”, why won’t we say, “Get your own couple app!”


“To all the love birds out there who just can’t grasp the thought of a long distance relationship because time and distance apart is just too much to bear, then check out this new application specially made for your longing hearts.”


Developed by TenthBit Inc., is a free messaging app for couples wherein you create a timeline similar to Facebook. You don’t need to let the world see your undying love for each other. Instead, only both of you can witness and share what you have to say to each other.

Pair-fect Features

♥ Connect to only one person for private messaging experience

♥ Send photos, videos and text messages for free

♥ Draw cute sketches for your partner in real time or play Tic-tac-toe

♥ Instantly share your location with your partner

♥ Get reminders for important dates such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.

♥ Use your shared to-do-list to remind your partner to pick up something on the way home

Thumbkiss – lets you see where your partner is touching his/her screen. When you touch on the same spot, the phone vibrates which lets you know that you’ve thumbkissed

Thought Bubble – Send a “thinking of you”button to let your lovey dovey know that you’re he/she’s on your mind

♥ Face Chat –  Video chat with your special someone

Kirsten Loves

What I love most with this app is the Thumbkiss feature which I find cool. The simple layout, creative graphics and user-friendly interface, couples won’t hesitate to spare a minute with his/her lovey dovey. With its cute name, Pair has unique and exciting features which every couple will surely enjoy!

Get your own app now.

Another app which might be quite similar to Pair app is called Between: A Secret Community for Two. A timeline layout will let partners share every bit of their emotions with each other.

Developed by VCNC, is a free app where you can share all your roller coaster moments with only one person – your boo. Now, you can create, share and reminisce your special moments with your partner.

Between Features

♥ Get connected to only one other person to create a space just for the two of you

♥ Send text messages, voice mails, photos and memos for free

♥ Upload photos to create a timeline automatically arranged by date

♥ Make comments on photos and get instant notifications about your partner’s most recent updates

♥ Bookmark your favorite photos and memos to view them separately in Memory Box

♥ Find special deals and offers in Event Box

Kirsten Loves

Unlike Pair, this app also has unique features such as deals and offers, memory box and notifications. Part of its distinctive features is the layout and interface which are quite appealing and pleasing to the eyes. Cute graphics, fonts and layout make it an exciting app to try!

Everything that’s happening between couples could be expressed here. now!

How can couples turn good relationships into great relationships? Maybe Tokii could help!

Tokii is a free mobile app which allows couples to communicate with each other while having fun as well. With its over the top features, couples are sure to be connected anytime, anywhere!

Tokii Features

Mood Meter – A mini love note which lets your partner know how you’re feeling and how they make you feel

Discovery Games – Over 250 games which helps you bring up topics in a fun and safe way

♥ Games provide facts and statistics to help put your relationship into perspective

♥ Compare your answers to the Tokii community and see how you stack up

Kirsten Loves

I love how Tokii differs with other couple apps with its Discovery Games feature. Why? With this feature, couples can unwind, enjoy, cuddle and express their love for each other in just one app. Cool icons and simple layout make this app a user-friendly one.

Play, Learn and Love with .

Who says Avocado is just a fruit? Well, you’re wrong. Avocado fruits grow in pairs and an Avocado tree only bears fruit when paired with another tree. Interesting, right?

Developed by Avocado Software Inc., Avocado is a paid app which lets couples stay connected with the people that they most love. It is a private space just for the two of you where you can express and share your life and sweet nothings.

Avocado Features

♥ Communicate using free and fast messaging

♥ Share photos, collect moments and create a shared gallery

♥ Build a library of your favorite personal expressions to easily resend over and over

♥ Send emoticons with ‘funny face’ head shots that only one person understands and loves

♥ Selectively share photos to Twitter as a couple

♥ Share lists of everything from weekly groceries and to new date ideas

♥ Build a complete archive of a relationship for walks down a memory lane

Kirsten Loves

My heart skipped a beat when I learned about the intriguing fact about avocados when they usually grow in pairs. I love its simple and elegant layout which couples may find very easy to use and understand.

To enjoy the unique and awesome features of , you may want to spend $1.99.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple might just ring a bell to those couples who are planning to walk down the aisle and settle down. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, then this app is perfect for you! From its success on the iPhone, it is now available on Android devices! 

Developed by AppeProPo, Appy Couple is a free app which lets husband-and-wife-to-be create their own wedding app-invitation. You must first log on to Appy Couple website, create an account and get an invitation code. Only invited guests with invitation codes are the lucky and chosen ones who can access the invitation.

Lovely Features

♥ Collect pictures from everyone instantly

♥ Perfect for sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Email

♥ Private Messaging

♥ Virtual Pop Champagne

♥ Get everyone there on time

♥ Tell your story

Kirsten Loves

Having a virtual wedding app-invitation is the coolest idea ever! A classy interface and simple icons make this a must-have app by every couple. With a variety of unique and fun features, wedding couples will surely cherish every moment of their wedding from pre-production to post-production.

Fall in love easily with .

Kirsten: The Little Miss Cupid

What makes a great relationship? I guess being passionate, understanding and most importantly making an effort every single day of your life to make your partner happy and special will make your relationship stronger, right? With our hectic schedules, squeezing in a bit of our time for our lovey dovey could not be a waste when you have these couple apps installed on your Android device. Your need for a fast, reliable, fun and private way of connecting with your special someone could now be achieved instantly.

Don’t let your partner feel that you’re taking him/her for granted. Just a sweet note, a weird photo or a cute emoticon will make your partner feel special. Try and download these apps now to keep the love burning!

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