Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps: Easy, Safe, and Helpful

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Play, manage, and discover educational and family-friendly applications with Famigo Sandbox.

Kids nowadays are getting addicted with the gadgets available in the market. I bet you had an experience already wherein your kids or younger siblings begged for you to let them play with your mobile phone or tablet. And because you love them, you wholeheartedly gave in and allowed them to browse the apps on your device. After a while, voila! Hello to missing apps, deleted messages, and unexpected bills. That hurts, right?

Great news! Your dilemma is no longer an issue now. Let me present to you Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps, the app that will protect your phone or tablet, files, and bills from those unguarded situations.

Famigo Sandbox is an educational application developed by Famigo, Inc. It’s a specially designed family-friendly app that caters the learning needs of all parents and their growing kids. With this app, you can now instantly make your Android device safe and entertaining for your little ones as it will help you show only the applications that are best for them. Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps is the perfect source for educational apps and games that the whole family will definitely enjoy.

Interestingly, Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps has been rated as the number 2 family app by Time Magazine. For about $5.00 only, you can download the app’s full version and get the best educational apps for your kids. Plus, with this app you can now make your smartphone devices even smarter.

Famigo Sandbox: What’s Good for Families is Good for Famigo

  • It has a wishlist feature that allows your little ones to request their desired apps so you can easily find and download their target applications.
  • It automatically filters the apps on your phone and shows only those apps that the Famigo experts and other families consider as educational, informative, and child-friendly.
  • It automatically updates when you add new family-friendly applications on your device.
  • It has a parental management control feature that lets you add and block apps from your kid’s view. This is to ensure that your little darling will only use the apps which you approved of.
  • It allows you to protect your device and keep your kiddo in the Famigo Sandbox app by enabling the Toddler Lock feature in its settings.
  • It shows the recommended applications that the other families think are appropriate for you and your children.
  • It is integrated with Famigo’s Family App Review so you can get specific ratings and reviews on the apps that have gotten your attention.
  • It offers free weekly emails on what and how long your children have been playing in the Famigo Sandbox app. Moreover, it provides you with personalized app recommendations.

Famigo Sandbox is a Device Manager for Families

  • Play and Manage – The Famigo Sandbox app has two modes namely Play and Manage. The Play mode is designed for kids. It limits the device functionality to ensure that once your kiddo uses your phone, the only thing that he can do with it is to play the apps stored in the device and nothing else. The Manage mode, on the other hand, is where you, the parent, can fine tune the content and settings of the app.
  • App Discovery – With this feature, you will no longer have to visit the app stores and waste your time scanning thousands of apps that are not really download worthy and appropriate for your family. Famigo Sandbox presents a variety of apps that your little angels will absolutely like and enjoy. It lets you also make smart recommendations based on age, app content, time of play, and a lot more.
  • Kids’ Wishlist for Apps – This feature is where your kids can tell you what apps do they really want. It makes safe app suggestions and enables your children to share their target apps with you, only you. If you want to check out their wishlists, just go to your online Family Dashboard.

Lavinia APProves Family Sandbox

Family Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps  is definitely going straight to my must-have applications list. The app is packed with helpful features that makes the process of searching for download-worthy applications a piece of cake. I also admire the idea that because of this app we no longer have to worry about unwanted downloads and instant purchases. Admit it, every time your younger sibling or little darling uses your device after a while you’ll realize that he has accidentally called someone, erased important details on your mobile phone, or worse purchased a number of applications which you don’t really need. Kids do love clicking or exploring everything even if they don’t understand any of it. Period. So, to prevent such accidents, unwanted situations, and unexpected high bills, I deeply recommend that you install Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps today.

A must-read note: I know that the app’s full version is quite costly at first glance. But if you always let your kids use your mobile phone or tablet, then it’s way better to purchase the app than regret paying more because of those unintentionally purchased ones. Agree?

Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps has a which you can download on your Android device for free. The , on the other hand, is available on the Google Play Store for about $5.00 only.

D’you want to know more details? Take a peek at the app’s trailer below and learn interesting facts about Famigo Sandbox.

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Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps: Easy, Safe, and Helpful
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