First Set of Talking Animal Apps: Say Hi to Tom, Ben, and Pierre

Aside from our “bestest” friends, pet animals are also now considered as one of the greatest companions we can have and rely on. At present, these cute and amusing pets are the so-called additional family members in our respective abodes. Because of the comfort that they bring, there’s no doubt that they have captured a place in our homes and hearts.

Interestingly, some of the pet animals have finally invaded our gadgets too. Aside from playing with them physically, you can now get in touch with them virtually. Thanks to modern technology! A lot of applications nowadays feature not only pet animals, but other kinds as well. Because of the creation of these fascinating applications, you can now bid goodbye to boring days and say hello to funny moments.

Presenting the first set of talking animal apps, which you and your kids will surely enjoy. These apps are developed by OutFit7 and available for all iOS and Android users.

Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben the Dog, and Talking Pierre the Parrot.

1. Talking Tom Cat

The talking cat featured in this app is named as Tom. Yes, Tom can actually talk. He somehow looks like a street cat to me, but he’s still a nice pal. Talking Tom Cat is an entertaining application that allows you to pet, poke, and even grab Tom’s tail. Tom, the cat, tends to also repeat everything you say. What’s more interesting in this app is that Tom has a cute and funny voice. I bet you will surely be entertained with this Talking Tom Cat app once you hear him talk. Be ready to be surprised and fascinated once he starts imitating the words that you say.

Features: Funny Things that You Can Do with Talking Tom Cat

  • You can pet or touch his body or head to make him purr.
  • You are allowed to poke his head, belly, and feet.
  • Try to grab his tail and see if he likes it or not.
  • Give him a glass of milk to ease his thirst.
  • Forget him and soon he will yawn or sneeze to get your attention back.

Talking Tom Cat’s Reminder

If you don’t like some of the minor violent acts presented in this application, you can opt to turn them off. You can also make Tom listen to you for a longer time before he starts repeating the things that you said. The full version of this app allows you to get additional features like cymbals, cake, bird, and the farting option.

Tom’s Note

Talking Tom Cat is applicable to children of all ages. If you can’t get hold enough of this adorable cat, download the second version, Talking Tom Cat 2, and check out his new adventures. Visit this page to get more details about this entertaining application.

2. Talking Ben the Dog

Meet the ultimate man’s and currently Tom’s best friend, Ben. Imagine Tom, the cat, and Ben, the dog, are best pals? Now that’s cool! Ben is the talking dog in this kid-friendly application. He is a retired chemistry professor who likes to maintain his peace and quiet life. He looks like a snob to me, but he’s actually an amiable buddy as well. His hobbies include eating, drinking, and reading. If you want to play with him, you need to bother him long enough and make him fold his newspaper. What makes this app even better? This application lets you talk, poke, tickle, and have a telephone conversation with Ben.

Features: Exciting Stuff that You Can Do with Talking Ben the Dog

  • Let Ben imitate your words by talking to him.
  • You can poke or slap Ben’s face, belly, feet, and hands.
  • Laugh with Ben as you tickle his belly.
  • Poke and swipe Ben’s graduation picture and see what happens next.
  • Do you want to talk to him? Just press the phone button and soon you’ll be talking to him.
  • This app allows you to record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben.
  • Press the right buttons to make him eat, drink, and belch.
  • Tap the chemistry button to switch Ben to the laboratory.
  • You can mix any two test tubes together to get a hilarious chemical reaction.
  • Record and share your videos with Ben through YouTube, Facebook, e-mail, and MMS.

Talking Ben the Dog Says

If you want to turn him into a happy puppy, then lead him to his laboratory. See how exciting he can be inside his precious lab. In the laboratory, you can both do chemistry experiments together.

Ben’s Note

Talking Ben the Dog‘s paid version allows you to have unlimited sets of test tubes. This means that you can make as many chemistry experiments as you want and have more time with Ben inside the lab.

3. Talking Pierre the Parrot

Pierre, the talking parrot, is a very energetic and lively parrot. Expect big laughs as this parrot always gives unexpected and extremely hilarious responses. Pierre lives in Tom’s kitchen. Just like any children, Pierre also likes to cause as much noise and destruction as possible so better get ready for him.

Features: Let’s Play with Talking Pierre the Parrot

  • You can poke him in the head or belly to get his uncanny reaction.
  • Poke him in the feet to see his little cowboy dance.
  • If you want to make him happy, then tickle his body.
  • If you don’t want Pierre to hear you, just switch the blender on.
  • Tap on the tomato button to throw tomatoes at him.
  • Pierre throws his stuff on the floor to make lovely sounds when you press the cracked teacup button.
  • Pierre sprinkles water around the kitchen once you touch the water faucet button.
  • This app lets you record and share videos on YouTube, Facebook, e-mail, and MMS.

Talking Pierre the Parrot’s Exciting News

Pierre allows you to talk to him, but he does it in a very clever way. Get ready for his smart move as this parrot remembers the things that you have previously said. The twist: he repeats your thoughts at random. Plus, he tends to combine different parts of your sentences to create new sets of interesting and comical ideas. Behold, Talking Pierre the Parrot is absolutely packed with a lot of surprises.

Pierre’s Note

If you love surprises and are looking for someone who can somehow make you roll on the floor, Talking Pierre the Parrot is the right app for you. His amusing answers and actions will make your day complete. Pierre is the best pal to talk to especially when you are feeling down. Download this app now and hear yourself chuckle in no time.

The Verdict

Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben the Dog, and Talking Pierre the Parrot are some of the talking animal applications that you can install on your Android and iOS devices. If you want to mess around and goof off with your little monsters or younger siblings, these apps are the ones that you should use. Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben the Dog, and Talking Pierre the Parrot are child-friendly applications, so every penny spent is surely worth it. These three entertaining apps are obviously going to the must-have-applications list.

Download the full and ad-free versions of Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben the Dog, and Talking Pierre the Parrot today for only $0.99 each.

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First Set of Talking Animal Apps: Say Hi to Tom, Ben, and Pierre
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