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Learn how to cook Lebanese dishes with this application created by Feel Social.

Let our hungry tummies venture towards the Middle East as we enter the kitchen of the Lebanese! Yes, dear Applatter readers, here’s another food-slash-recipe application to get you craving and wanting for more. Get your onions, olive oil, and vegetables ready for the Lebanese Food Street application is here to give lessons on their local cooking methods and share their mouth-watering recipes. Raise those utensils up for this application can help you prepare some authentic Lebanese dishes as if you’re a Lebanese yourself!

Lebanese dishes aren’t as popular as the Chinese and the Japanese but it’s getting there somehow. Bit by bit, it’s catching the attention of people outside the country and it’s receiving more than just a thumbs up. With the country located in the North-Western part of the Middle East, one might think that their choice of food will not be any different from that of the Arabians. Although there are similarities, Lebanese food are not that spicy as compared to their neighboring countries. As some of their dishes are also the local staple of other Middle Easterners, the popularity of, for example, Shawarma, are all thanks to the Iranians, Syrians, and of course, the Lebanese immigrants who introduced it to the world.

If you’re the type who relishes various spices and vegetables in a meal, then Lebanese food might tickle your taste buds because they are known to make use of green leafy veggies, fruits, seafood, and poultry rather than eating a lot of heavy meat like pork and beef. They do have a number of dishes with those red meat but more often than not, they’d be munching on chicken instead.

Lebanese Food Street App for iOS and Android

As the usual recipe apps go, the Lebanese Food Street App which is developed by FeelSocial, is an organized hub for all sorts of Lebanese cuisine recipes. Starting from their famous appetizers to the last course which is deserts (yum yum!), name it and the app has it!

Upon launching the app, you will see four tabs on the bottom of your screen which are cookbook, method, ingredients and the tips and notes. Under the “method” tab, the step-by-step cooking process are written. There are no instructional videos included so be sure to follow it carefully and avoid unnecessary additons—don’t be a know-it-all, will yah?—in order to make a sure-hit dish!

In the tips and notes tabs, you can browse through a couple of suggestions to create a delicious twist on your Lebanese preparation. Adding a picture and taking down notes are allowed as well so you can document each and every meal you’ve done. This can give you an easy reminder on what meal your family or guests loved; a handy reference for your future cooking ventures.

Disclaimer: Some of the recipes doesn’t include and tips. On the other hand, for those who has it, if the tip is too long, there seems to be no way of scrolling it down to read the rest of the tip (tested on Android).


Over all, the app is very polished and appealing to the eyes! I definitely appreciated it’s wood brown theme because it gave off an aura of sophistication. It’s just the right amount of simplicity with its no-nonsense tabs and straight to the point content. Although small, each recipe has a picture of the meal itself. Since I’m a “visual picker” when it comes to food, this feat definitely made me smile since I’ll have a basis on what a specific dish should look like.

End Note

I haven’t tried cooking a Lebanese dish and I’ve yet to eat one too (let’s not count all the Shawarma I’ve gobbled up, shall we?) All in all, the app has piqued my interest in trying my luck on cooking even though I am such a noob in the kitchen. If you’re a budding cook and you’d want to try dishes which are miles away from the usuals, then download the Lebanese Food Street app which is available for and .

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Food App: Lebanese Food Street
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