Free Kid-ucational Apps for Android and iOS Devices

A lot of kid-ucational applications have been introduced already here in Applatter. Personally, I think that it is safe to say that the long list of educational apps seems to be endless. Parents or adults in general are given with a number of interesting choices that will surely help their kids excel in their studies, acquire new skills, and further develop their talents. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, surely we have something in here that might be of help.

A special announcement: Our quest for naming educational applications is not over yet. In fact, we, the Applatter team, will continue to provide you with download-worthy applications—apps that are deserving of your attention, penny, and the remaining memory space on your device.  And today, the quest continues as I will present to you a new set of educational applications that are available for free. Get your Android or iOS device now and get ready for this incredible list of must-try kid-ucational apps.

Numbers, Numbers, and More Numbers

Math Practice Flash Cards

Math Practice Flash Cards offers a fun game and uses a wide set of appealing cards that will teach your kids the four basic binary operations. Developed by, this educational application is composed of card values ranging from 0 to 35, which are also fully customizable per quiz. With this app, your kids can now learn how to solve the four basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.Your little ones can also opt to choose correct answers through the choices provided or they may also enter their own answers through the numeric  keypad.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite

Learning numbers and building basic math skills are now possible with Kids Numbers and Math Lite. This app from Intellijoy is specifically designed for preschoolers. It is packed with several educational activities such as learning numbers, addition, subtraction, finding a match, choosing maximum and minimum numbers, and advanced exercises. Kids Numbers and Math Lite introduces a simple yet exciting game that will surely capture the interest and heart of your little monsters. The numbers in the app are presented in English and it also uses a kid-friendly audio clip. This educational app is compatible with and devices.

C’mon, Sing With Me!

Nursery Rhymes – 1

Nursery Rhymes – 1 is a free educational application developed by Beanstalk Learning. This interactive app is composed of four fascinating and well-loved nursery rhymes namely Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The app is also filled with colorful graphics and song lyrics, so your kids can easily follow to the tune.

The creative team of Beanstalk Learning believes that studying should be informative and interesting at the same time. With this, they decided to develop an application that will fulfill this purpose and hence Nursery Rhymes – 1 is made.

Best Kids Songs / Best Kids Songs · Stories

If you want your kids to learn nursery rhymes through clear and vivid full HD videos, then go for Best Kids Songs. This number one top grossing educational app from Samsung Publishing Ltd. features the most popular and most-played songs for kids ages 0 to 5. Some of the featured sing along songs in this app are Old MacDonald, The Alphabet Song, The Eentsy Weentsy Spider, and Baby Bumblebee. It has a clean and child-friendly interface with matching song lyrics for every video clip. You can also play this app even without internet connection.

You might also want to check the version of this app called as Best Kids Songs · Stories. 10 musical storybooks are added in this iOS version.

35 Sing Along Songs

35 Sing Along Songs is another amusing creation of Samsung Publishing Ltd. This free educational and entertaining application is packed with 35 sing along songs that can be played anytime and anywhere. This app allows you to make your own playlist by choosing your favorite songs and it also lets you listen to your song list while sending text messages or emails. The lyrics of the songs are also shown in this app so your little angels can easily follow to the music. Rock-a-Bye, Baby, This Old Man, ABC Song, Baby’s Clothes, and I’m a Little Teapot are just some of the featured songs in this app. 35 Sing Along Songs is available in the and .

Learning is Oh So Fun!

Kids Paint Free

With Kids Paint Free, your kids can now draw beautiful art pieces using any colors—minus the sketches on the walls and scattered crayon pens on the floor. This entertaining and kid-ucational application from Virtual GS lets your little artists create their own digitally made masterpieces in just a few strokes and taps. Let your little darlings unleash their creative side and play hard using their wild imaginations through this cool app. Taking photos, importing pictures, and saving your kiddos’ drawings are all allowed in this app. Install Kids Paint Free on your device now.

Kids Shapes (Preschool)

Kids Shapes (Preschool) is another educational app from Intellijoy. This app is created with a single focus, which is to let your kids learn shapes through the use of real-life objects. With this app, your little darlings will be fully familiar with the different shapes and will soon recognize the patterns of the things surrounding them in real-life settings. At present,  circle, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, and oval are the shapes featured in this app. Kids Shapes (Preschool) is suitable for devices.

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos introduces your kids to the animal world. This free app from Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a good tool to let your babies learn the names and sounds of the animals. It features more than 80 animals of different species and has an animated loading screen, clear audio clips, and an easy to use interface. With this app, your kiddos will definitely learn the names and sounds of sea animals, birds, insects, reptiles, wild animals, and more. Bring your toddlers to the wildlife by downloading this app.

The Verdict

It’s nice to note that technology has been used nowadays to aid in promoting educational awareness and has served as an additional tool for studying. Because of the creation of these educational applications, luckily the younger generation is given with new ways to learn more skills. Educational apps like Math Practice Flash Cards, Kids Numbers and Math Lite, Nursery Rhymes – 1, Best Kids Songs, 35 Sing Along Songs, Kids Paint Free, Kids Shapes (Preschool), and Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos are definitely going straight to my must-try-apps list. In fact, I admire the developers of these featured apps for they are able to create useful applications like the ones I have mentioned above, apps that are absolutely beneficial for the kids. With these thoughts, I am undeniably rating these applications with five stars! Good job, guys! Pat on the shoulder!

Great news! All of the featured applications in this app review are available for FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Visit the AppStore and Google Play Market today and look for these apps.

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Free Kid-ucational Apps for Android and iOS Devices
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