Free Your Brain With Unblock Me

Mind twisting games will never get old. As a pastime or even just a way to vent out those frustrations, playing is definitely one of the best ways to let your brain go on overdrive without the risk of using it far too much. For some, relaxing means putting themselves in a “no thinking mode”, but for me, relaxation and thinking should not be exclusive — unless it’s for sleep. Good thing there’s Unblock Me.

With Unblock Me, a puzzle game by Kiragames Co. Ltd., laxing your way through a game has never been this challenging.

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It seems quite a “no brainer” at first but I assure you that it is most definitely not. After passing through the initial levels, it quickly becomes more and more challenging as you advance.

You have to move the brown pieces in order to unblock the red piece and slide it past the opening on the right side of the screen. The vertical pieces can only be moved up and down, and the horizontal pieces left and right.

There are two game options to choose from: Challenge Mode and Relax Mode.

Challenge Mode: Don’t worry, a timer is not involved! But it does count how many times you’ve moved the blocks before freeing the red piece. The buttons found on the bottom can help restore your sanity by giving you infinite chances to solve the puzzles. And of course, you’ll be rewarded if you’ve solved a puzzle in the fastest way possible because you will be hailed as the “Puzzle Master”!

Relax Mode: In this option, even though you’ve already moved the blocks a hundred times or so, you’re the only one who’ll know. As long as you finish the level, then you’re all good. It’s a perfect way to keep you occupied while stretching those brain muscles.

People of all ages can use this app with ease because it only requires power-thinking and steady hands. With over 3,000 puzzles to solve on the free version, I’m guessing it will keep you busy for quite some time. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll ask for more brain twisting madness, there is a paid version of the game available for $0.99.

If you wanna be addicted to it as I was – or still am – then download it now on your  or  phones! I’m sure you’ll not be wasting any more time mindlessly tapping your precious day away.

Get your brain running with Unblock Me!

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Free Your Brain With Unblock Me
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One comment on “Free Your Brain With Unblock Me

  1. Aya Mitchel
    on said:

    I’m on puzzle 163..hehe
    this app really gets me busy..
    and kills boredom..
    super thanks for the review

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