Fling Yourself Into A Thrilling Adventure With Golden Ninja

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Golden Ninja is an addictive, satisfying platformer perfect for casual gamers.

It was one fine day when two little spherical shinobis on a date were attacked by dark forces lead by the Dark Ninja Warrior. They abducted Golden Ninja‘s girlfriend and in an attempt to rescue her, the strong-willed golden sphere ninja literally threw himself after them.

Will he ever succeed in saving his girlfriend?

Join his thrilling adventure to save his sweetheart and fling into the realms of Golden Ninja.

There are a huge number of ninja-related games in the world of game applications to the point where each one almost is the same as the last. An example of the latter are the gaming apps, Fruit Ninja and Pocket Ninja. They have the same concept and even game mechanics although they incorporated some tweaks and twists to it, but nonetheless they don’t differ at all. But Golden Ninja by Alfa Production LLC ensured that they’ve created an unparalleled experience for the casual game players. In the app, you simply just have to follow the path of the golden ninja, who resembles the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, as he fights the forces of evil in his quest to rescue his girlfriend from the Dark Ninja Warrior.


  • 3 unique worlds
  • 125 levels
  • Challenging and unique game play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Bonus levels: Star Game
  • Original sound and music
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Fun storyline through

This one’s an addictive, satisfying platformer that happens to feature one of the most popular and in demand character, ninja. With 3 worlds of over 125 stages, you manipulate and maneuver the golden ninja as he dodge perilous obstacles and fight monsters along the way. He can climb, fly, swim, jump, and even teleport depending on what the situation will be asking you to do.


To move your ninja, simply swipe in the direction you want to go, and it eventually will take flight. Since his mode of locomotion is to be flung through the air by swiping to control his speed and elevation, there moments when it gets really sticky and way too slicky. I don’t know if it actually were caused by the different types of platform that the ninja used. Nonetheless, it’s quite exasperating for me since it makes the game tedious.

Along the way, you must collect stars and overcome the hazards that’s going to be presented to you throughout the game until you reach the exit banner and finish the level. As you embark on its challenging multi-stage voyage, you control the ninja by touching or tapping anywhere to set his direction and release him to jump. You can scale jump force and change the trajectory while touching the screen. There are checkpoints in the game in which you can return to from the pause menu. The vines aren’t just mere decors, you can you can climb on them and even jump from them. If you want to get an overview or bird’s view of the environment, you may use multitouch to move the camera and/or view your shot trajectory before you make a move.

Apparently, this ninja has multiple of talents and skills, he can jump while at the same time gliding. He can also jump from one plank to another while gliding and yes, he can swim in underwater but it’s quite a challenge for you to control him. There are actually useful platforms in the game which can help your ninja as he traverse through each level. Once you’ve stumbled upon a trampoline, utilize it to jump higher while a fly zone which is reprsented by dust particles allows you to fly inside it in any direction. Although I find it quite vexing since you must still maneuver the golden ninja upward by tapping anywhere to set his direction, it doesn’t actually help you fly. Anyway, as you go along expect some swinging vines, bounce pads and grind rails.

But of course, this adventure wouldn’t be complete without the minions of the Dark Ninja Warrior who’ll make it harder for you to accomplish your mission. Fish-like monster that has spikes on their body must be avoided or else, you’ll bounce back and find your ninja rebounding back from the beginning or at your last checkpoint.

In the long run, once you get a hang of the gameplay, you’ll no longer struggle too hard to complete each level. Scores are earned by completion times and total number of stars collected. Yes, just like any other games, stars do determine your per-level standing once you’ve reached the end of the course. For bragging rights, you can refer to the online leaderboards where high scores are posted.

Final Verdict

At first there’s a bit of a learning curve. Unlike in Angry Birds that you drag back your finger before your character fling, you just tap in what direction the ninja should leap. Overall, this app requires many amount of time before you can successfully conquer the worlds, hence if you’re on a long drive or trip this game can eat up so much of your day. On a positive note, the graphics are superb and very Rayman Origins. It’s a reminiscent of its painterly look that actually makes it not an eyesore of sort. Meanwhile, the amazing music is also a plus factor in the app–very calming yet applicable.

I give this freemium app 3 stars. Why? I think they should improve on the controls. I mean, its intuitvie but I often struggle whenever I try to maneuver the ninja. It would be far better if you can make him continuously fling because it eats too much of my time. I must wait for it to land  first before it actually moves to another direction. It sucks the joy out of me. On the contrary, this type of game actually is impressive considering that it has many competitors from the same genre. It’s a standout in a way that this ninja isn’t the usual and typical one. He don’t have to possess a shuriken to battle off the enemies and overcome obstructions, you just have to accurately and precisely make him fling to a certain point until it lands to the exit. I find also the underwater part so crucial for me. Can at least the game provide the ninja some equipment that it can use to get out of it? Again, it’s not very attention grabbing therefore players will eventually get tired of playing the game. It’s hard to retain your focus onto it especially if you’re an impatient person. Hence, if only the app could provide some additional items that can be used by the ninja then this one’s totally going to be a compelling one. However, I love the idea that you can preview a demo of what must be done at a certain stage. I think it’s essential for beginners so that they’ll be familiar to the game mechanics.

The first 2 incredibly engaging worlds of Golden Ninja, along with the bonus star level, are included in the free download, while you can play the third world and others for $0.99. Dip into this fascinating adventure and download this app either for your iOS devices (|) on the Apple iTunes App Store or Android devices (|) on Google Play Store.

Watch the trailer of this app below:

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Fling Yourself Into A Thrilling Adventure With Golden Ninja
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