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With its numerous features, Handy Note may take you a good while to figure out, but it sure is worth the money.

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Jotting down notes with a blotting pen or a heavy notebook can be extremely frustrating. Worse, maintaining a more mobile lifestyle to keep up with the times makes juggling several notebooks and planners extremely inconvenient.

Good thing it’s hard to find someone willing to go through the school year with annoying writing instrument and a burdensome journal. Thank the heavens for Handy Note: a mobile app that helps us with our note-taking, remembers our schedule and keeps us organized. For value alone, the app is a sure must-have for all students and professionals who take great pleasure in the traditional way of note-taking and schedule planning.


Say NO to Heavy, Bulky Bags

AppBody (HK) Information Technology’s Handy Note lets you manage your projects and take down notes for class- much like any notebook or planner does- and takes away the burden of lugging nearly your entire school library in a bag. It’s a mobile app with the power of a hundred notebooks, essentially.


An App for Personal, Professional and Academic Use

Handy Note does take a few minutes to fully understand, but the makers of the app were able to include a comprehensive guide. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so anyone will be able to figure out how to use the app in no time. It’s also cool that a “Do you know?” message box pops up wherever you go.

This is just one of many.


You can create your own notebook on the main page of the app and choose the type of notebook you’d like to add. With the myriad of convenient features and flexible input capabilities, Handy Note gives you a feeling that you have an actual notebook in your hands!

You’re free to create password-protected notebooks or public notebooks.


Tapping the add notebook button allows you to create your choice of notebook, and even personalize that notebook by typing in the notebook’s name and choosing the cover.  You get to have a variety of digital notebooks, like a 2013 planner, diary, meeting minutes, class note and templates with multiple different pages. The choices for the types of pages are as follows:

Basic – features a blank page with a cute design on the bottom, or lined pages for planning meetings and to-do lists

Diary – features a blank page with a cute design on the bottom

Business – pages generated are ideal for recording meeting minutes

Academic – features Cornell notes pages that are divided into several sections for student convenience

Personal – shows lined pages for planning meetings and to-do lists

If you prefer a blank page to lined pages or those with a design on the bottom, you can opt to choose a blank template.



Note-taking Made Fun

I’m a lefty so I definitely enjoyed writing on a tablet. No more smudged letters or ink suddenly transferring to my knuckles! Handy Note’s Magic Pen feature allows you to quit typing down the lesson and instead write the notes yourself!


I like doodling in between notes, too, and the feature works superb with or without a stylus. There are even 5 different kinds of pens available in various colors and strokes! For text, you can vary the size, color, add numbering and bullet points.

Easy Sharing

If you’ve got Internet access (well I’m sure you do) just share (or even send- just like the good ol’ times in middle school!) your notes as images or PDF files with compatible Android devices or backup files to Dropbox. You can even post your notes to Facebook or send them via MMS.

You can even share this entire “page” with your friends.


The Handy Truth

With the app’s easy notebook creation and note-taking features, Handy Note really lets you experience a new way of jotting down notes and even sending out love notes to classmates. It’s no wonder the Android app has also been considered as an Amazon Best seller!

Aren’t you happy you can finally say goodbye to an aching back or hand tired from bringing all those notebooks to school? Stay organized faster for just $0.99 with Handy Note!

Of course, the details I’ve mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You should find out the rest of the features .



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Handy Note: An app for all your note-taking needs!
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