Heart-filled Themes for Android

I am aware that Valentines Day is still months away, mind you. But that ain’t a reason to stop me from giving you two “heartsy-fartsy” applications from the ever-so-famous GO Themes developers. It’s not obvious that I don’t go for the girly stuff especially those that are undeniably splashed with all sorts of pink but I don’t shout “boo” at it too. The inner egotistic boy inside me would just rather avoid it and walk away. But lo and behold, the little boy is missing so I’m taking advantage of my girly mood today by presenting you with heart-filled Go Themes!

Cute huh? I admit that all the hearts are making me tingly inside. It sorta makes me forget that in the love category, I have always been a self-supporting geek. Kidding aside, let’s talk about the GLovelight GO Holistic Theme and the Red heart Theme GO Locker which are perfect for your Android devices if you’re the smittened or the girly kind of person. Don’t worry, I present no judgments on my end!

Let’s go and take a look at the two endearing apps!

Bored with the simple and business-like interface of your smartphone? Change it! With the endless list of themes available in the Play Store, I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your taste. It doesn’t matter how old you are, hearts and whatnots have always caught our attention. If you’re looking for a neat theme with hearts to boot, then do check out the GLovelight GO Holistic Theme which is available for free in the Play Store.

What I love about this theme is it’s classy feel. As compared to the others which are cute but makes your screen look crowded, GLovelight is far from messy. It presents your icons in a neat fashion over a white pink vignette background. Speaking of the icons, you can customize it too! This theme comes in two colors, pink and blue. A perfect feat for those who aren’t inclined to pink as I am.

Harrie Likes

Everything about the theme! It looks tidy, it’s girly but not in the toddler kind of way plus the battery icon on the lock screen is awesome! The couple in a kiss made this app a done deal for me. In fact, I liked its pink version more than the blue one—yeah!

Neon hearts is so much win! With this theme, you can have your techno-beating heart flashed across your screen. Its design is a bit on the edge of looking like disco lights and a punk-rock chic girl. In short, it’s cool and I love it!

The icons appear to be made of neon lights while its background is dark and subtle. I don’t even mind it being pink because the cute buttons are good distractions.

Harrie Likes

As ever, I love apps which doesn’t hurt my eyes color-wise. Since the Red heart Theme GO Locker has all the right ingredients for a gorgeous effect.

End Note

Both of the apps need the GO Launcher EX to function so make sure that you have that before downloading them. All in all, I do love both of the themes but it doesn’t provide any maximum protection for your phone so if you have things hidden on your device, might as well make sure that no one can get a hold of it when you’re using either of the theme.

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Heart-filled Themes for Android
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