Help the Tiny Aliens Escape!

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On December 7, 2012
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Uncover this puzzle game and help save the tiny aliens!

Having been a huge fan of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, I kind of adopted his fascination towards aliens as seen in most of his classic movies such as E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Those movies feature harmless aliens that eventually morph into a cool, intergalactic buddy than a spatial, antagonistic abductor. Spielberg action flicks such as War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones 4 are an entirely different matter because the aliens there are horrific and CGI-crazy!

I’m used to seeing aliens in movies as the ultimate nemesis but recently, I came across an app where the aliens look miserable and helpless, and I couldn’t help but be curious and try the app. is a little puzzle game for Android which will make you think very, very hard of ways on how to save the tiny aliens from captivity and misery.

And because the tiny aliens in this app don’t look anything like the villains ready to bring chaos into the world, you’ll find yourself becoming more engaged with its mind-boggling gameplay. Ready for some puzzling alien action? Try out Tiny Aliens Escape and see if you can help them “phone hooooome.”

Tiny Aliens Escape is a puzzle game by Napa Apps. Tiny Aliens Escape starts as a simple puzzle game where you will have to connect the openings of the alien’s cell to help save them. As the game progresses, you’ll find tiny waves forming on your forehead because the game really becomes baffling in each level. The app has neat graphics which will give you the impression that the game is more suited for the youngsters though not really. The main goal is to solve the puzzle and help the tiny worm-like aliens be free from abduction!

How To Escape

Tiny Aliens Escape has a simple gameplay. As soon as you start the game, you’ll find tiny aliens that are imprisoned in mini colorful cells. Each cell has a narrow opening that needs to be connected to another opening in another cell. When the openings connect to each other, the aliens will fade and be freed. Cute.

The controls in Tiny Aliens Escape are simple as well. You’ll just have to tap on the blocks that have a set of directional arrows. The blocks will serve as the push/pull controls of the game.

Keep in mind that when you tap the push/pull control, the tiny aliens will move to the complete end of the screen. You can’t move the tiny aliens one box away or halfway of the puzzle. And that is the reason why a bit of meticulous thinking is needed in this game.

The game starts easy with only two cells of aliens needed for matching. As you advance in the game, you’ll encounter a cell with two openings which needed to be connected together. This is where the brain game gets bewildering because you’ll think of every possible way to connect the cells altogether.

There are 60 levels of mind-boggling puzzle game in Tiny Aliens Escape. With the apps’s clean interface and confusing gameplay, you’ll certainly find yourself growing a unibrow, and hooked on your Android device for hours.

Jango is a savior!

Endearing tiny aliens are truly endearing. This is a cool, new take on puzzle gaming because Tiny Aliens Escape keeps you thinking. I was a bit perplexed midway when I played the game because some of the challenges were really tough to crack. But as perplexed as I was, I couldn’t keep my mind finger off the screen.

The cute animation is fine for a puzzling game since when you’re engaging yourself into a puzzle game, you want your screen as uncluttered and neat as possible. The lack of music is a bummer because I think; it would have been nicer if the likes of a Pink Panther standard musical scoring is playing in the background while players are trying to figure out the puzzle. Hoping to hear some music in the next update, devs!

Overall, Tiny Aliens Escape is very nice. Players will have a good time uncovering the puzzles. I like this. I like this a lot. My mind must have been abducted by this app.

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Help the Tiny Aliens Escape!
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