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Fancy is like Pinterest gone online store!

For a Tumblr addict, endless scrolling through all the happy—and emotional quotes—found on your dashboard is like a mix of “oohs” and envy. Some are re-blog worthy while the others are just too amazeballs that if reaching out through your computer screen is possible, your room might be filled with all the fancy rainbows that the internet provides. But what if acquiring those hipster clothes, vintage cameras, and antique books can be possible with just a click? Oh that would definitely have us puking glitters all over!

And that’s exactly the thought behind this application perfect for frequent online shoppers and those who are budding to be. Fancy is like Tumblr and Pinterest gone online store! No more wondering of where to buy that awesome wayfarers with a customized frame and even that Emily Bronte book you’ve been eyeing to have for months.

With Fancy, clicking on the heart under a photograph has two meaning in its tails. It’s either you just like it or you like it enough to put the item in your cart. Sounds cool, eh? It’s like your shopping without even knowing what you’re looking for exactly. Is the app tickling your fancy? Then read on for more information about this app through this review.

Admit it, browsing through your Pinterest and Tumblr dashboards has become a hard habit to break. Who could blame you? It’s a nice form of escape most of the time. Before, blogging your heart out is what most people do but now, re-blogging and heart-ing posts are the trends to beat. Since looking at fancy hippie photographs are our usual pastime, this freshly baked application is surely meant for our eyes and pockets.

Fancy is the mobile app counterpart of thefancy.com which is basically a site where you can compile all the things you like which will be added to your very own in-app ‘collection’ even though you don’t have the intention to buy them. The application lets it users browse through a number of categories and provide a like button and a buy button just in case they would want to have the item. Purchasing details are included in each photo so you won’t have any trouble finding the place or bargaining with the seller themselves.

With Facebook and Twitter integration, users will have to log in to their own account and they can even invite their friends to join the Fancy community. If you’re looking for some weird finds as a birthday gift, then you should browse through this application. Where else can you find a complete set of a vampire slaying kit?

Fancy: What Else Is There To Find?

Developed by Thing Daemon Inc., Fancy is an app that is said to have this “crowd-curated” pitch with all the items uploaded by the users in hopes of selling it or just gathering some “fancys”. Now, let’s go through the know-how on getting started on using the application. As what I have mentioned, the app will ask you to sign in via your Twitter account or Facebook account to get inside the photo-filled interface. After doing so, you will see a couple of high definition photos that you can easily “fancy” by double clicking the image and adding it to your own personal list.

Managing your list is a piece of cake! By clicking on the “add to list” at the bottom of a photo, you can type in a new list so you can organize all your fancys or even have a list for those things that you might buy in the future, you decide. There are two pre-entered lists though, the men’s and women’s.

As per browsing, there are categories available for your own discretion namely: Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Pets, Home, Gadgets, Art, Food, Media, Architecture, Travel and Destinations, Sports and Outdoors, DIY and Crafts, Workspace, Cars and Vehicles, Others, and Everything. If you’re not particularly searching for an item, the “everything” option is the button to press!

In those categories, some items may not be for sale because the app doesn’t limit the uploads with just material things since users can post ideas and even places in it. The app has a comment feature as well so posting something that you would want others to give their opinion to is more than acceptable but it kinda lessens the sense of the “browse-and-buy” point of Fancy. Good thing there’s another category cloud you can opt to take a dive in if you’re in it to buy something.

Under the main category list, you can find the “Shop” list with these sub-categories:

  • Sales
  • Brand and Stores
  • Deals

Once you’ve found something that you’re entirely sure you’ll buy, add the item to your cart and look for the details on how are you going to pay for it and how will it reach you. All the information about the paying and sending are encoded by the seller themselves so make sure that what you’re getting yourself into is not a hoax because the app developers won’t be liable for any misunderstandings.

Be Social With Fancy

For the social networking part of Fancy, you can follow people, comment on their posts, or “fancy” them. Since all the users of Fancy will eventually have their own collections, by having friends through the app, you can view what they’ve included in their collection as they can view yours as well. There’s also an option where you can alert your friends that you already own something from your list. Bragging rights? Maybe.

Harrie Fancies This!

As much as I wanted to buy everything that’s in my Fancy account, my wallet won’t cooperate with me–haha! Kidding aside, what I love most about this application is its use of high definition photos that’s far from the generic images we see on online shops. As you can see on the screen caps above, the items are presented in a manner that we’ll get you saying, “Oh I think I need that because it looks so pretty!” or “I totally need to give that to my bestfriend!” Another thing I appreciate with Fancy is its simplicity and single-column design.

Yes, Pinterest looks good with all the stuff laid out in front of you in a multi-column page but it’ll get confusing as all the niceties are fighting for your attention. With Fancy, you will have a few seconds to look at each item which is great if you’re canvassing for some fantastic pieces. This can give you time to examine and think if a particular item matches your search.

All in all, I give this app two thumbs up and five stars because of its functionality plus the idea behind it is new. With Christmas approaching fast, one can save their time going to and from the malls with Fancy. Just make sure that your wallet is well-equipped. *wink*

For those who are fond of buying things online, you might wanna try the Fancy app which is compatible for iOS devices and Android. It’s FREE in the and so it won’t hurt if you give it a look and download the app right this instant. As for me, shopping just became much easier!

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