Improve Your Brain with the PhrasalVerbWorkout

Learning phrasal verbs can be tricky, especially if English is not your native language. Meanings of certain phrases vary depending on the usage, and appending a wrong preposition to a verb can be a dead giveaway that English is just your second language. Just as you will need to learn their meanings, you need to understand how to use phrasal verbs properly.

Why not improve your understanding using your iPhone? PhrasalVerbWorkout offers you a chance to learn the proper use of the phrasal verbs you find difficult to master.

Moebius Comunicacion, the people behind the app, developed PhrasalVerbWorkout in hopes of creating an interactive study aid that people will find handy and easy-to-use.

Find out what make this educational app a valuable tool after the jump.

Here are a few reasons why PhrasalVerbWorkout is worth your money even at $3.99:

A Large Collection of Phrasal Verbs

First of all, the iOS app is packed with more than 600 phrasal verbs. You get to brush up on your communication skills by making sure you make the correct anwers when you take the exercises.

The app’s home screen lets you install the database first, choose a level you want to work on, and set your interface preferences.

You get to choose whether you want the floating or docked picker for answering the exercises!

A Convenient Guide

PhrasalVerbWorkout comes with a useful guide that tells you everything you need to know so you can fully take advantage of all the app’s capabilities.

Nice Organization of Phrasal Verbs

To better teach learners, the app presents phrasal verbs in different categories. You will only need to click on the right arrow button to reveal the phrasal verbs and their meanings.


Tapping the pencil button on the upper right hand corner of the screen lets you check your understanding of the phrasal verbs with a short workout.


Select your preference between the floating or docked picker.

There are a lot of workouts available in the app to test your understanding of the English phrasal verbs. You will find that the sentences and ideas in the workouts are not fit for little children. The sentences used throughout the app have also been handpicked from literature, music, film and popular culture, so do be careful when using the app with young people around.

Useful Search Engine 

PhrasalVerbWorkout makes learning phrasal verbs easier with the inclusion of the search feature. You will only need to enter a single search term (a verb, adverb or preposition) in the appropriate field, hit the search button, and presto! You get the results that you want in alphabetical order.



Elijah’s Final Words

PhrasalVerbWorkout is useful, comprehensive and easy on the budget. It’s a good educational app for first-time learners and even those who would like to brush up on their phrasal-verb knowledge.

What do you think? Will you be downloading the , or anytime soon?


Elijah Monroe

For more than three years, Elijah Monroe has worked as a researcher and writer for various technology blogs. He freelances now for various local websites.

Improve Your Brain with the PhrasalVerbWorkout
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