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On September 13, 2012
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I remember the days when we only bank on social networking sites to share our superb photos. We had the Multiply website, which eventually refashioned into a marketplace; a place where we can purchase almost everything. We also have the ever reliable , where we can comment and like a photo that caught our attention. That was long ago; when the apps were not yet making a trend. Now we have the ever reliable and always trending, Instagram.

Instagram is one of the best ways to have reconstructed vintage photos. Want to show the world your new shoes, a new dress, or maybe what you had for dinner? Instagram will give you the chance to remake your simple photos by using filters on it. Sharing it with billions of Instagram users and get numerous likes and comments makes Instagram riveting. If you think you are not lured yet, Instagram still has heaps to offer.

created a retrospect in vintage photos to this generation. I know it’s a little offbeat that in the world where HD and 3D is at its peak, Instagram became an instant knockout. Its concept of sharing and editing photos with built-in filters made it more fascinating; no need for you to open your laptop and use Adobe Photoshop. In my case, that means studying how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Twitter became a hit because it is the website where you can catch up instant news and follow the daily lives of your favourite celebrities. One can have a fangirl or fanboy moment just by using Twitter. Well, Instagram works the same way, but in a better perspective. Instagram allows its users to follow different people and check on all of their photos. Some were even personal photos, so it makes a fan feel that they had a close encounter with prominent people and their idols.

Sometimes people go overboard in using Instagram because there are no restrictions. It is your personal account so you can do anything with it. I have seen people sharing what they had for lunch on a regular basis, while some share photos of themselves having a one on one session with their toilet bowl. I know, it’s a major TMI (too much information) moment.

Instagram is not a bad app, but as a user, you have to exercise moderation. The Instagram upgrade allows users to add its location in their posts. If you think you deserve privacy, then by all means dodge on that option. When you have a stalker on the loose, then use Instagram within limits or better yet, set it in a private mode so only the people you know can see your photos.


The major success of Instagram allowed developers to design apps that can be used with it. Let me lead you to the three major apps that helped me have momentous Instagram nights.


If you own any iOS device and have been using Instagram for quite some time, then I bet you have seen a lot of Instagram users that apply cute icons in the comments and captions of photos. The first time I saw them, I was frustrated because I can’t make them appear in my posts. Then I realized, it’s the app generation so there must be an app created for that.

is the app that allows iOS users to apply cute icons on Instagram, emails, text messages, or almost anywhere you can type in a text. However, Emoji has a limitation. Only iOS owners can use them and view them. If you are using a different smartphone or using the computer, you will only see boxes. One time, I checked Twitter using my BlackBerry and the only thing that appeared were boxes in my friend’s tweet.

Using Emoji is easy, you just have to add Emoji in your keyboard settings and the icons will instantly be part of your keyboard. It’s that simple! In fact, as soon as I have installed it, I started using it in all my Instagram posts. Now, I can be able to relate to this new Instagram fad.


Instagram has a lot of supporting apps that you can purchase from the App Store, and most of them are offered for free. One app that I have tried is called Instacollage.

is an app that allows you to create a collage of photos to be posted in Instagram. If you want to share numerous photos, but is too shy to flood your Instagram followers with tons of posts then Instacollage is here to rescue you.

If you want to challenge your creativity using some basic editing skills then you should try Instacollage. Instacollage gives you the control to edit your photos in one app.  Adjust the orientation of the photo, brightness, contrast, crop the photos, and add filters before placing them in the collage. If you wish to add cheesy quotes or lines in your photos, you can do it with Instacollage. Plus, you can also add up some colorful stickers to create a scrapbook looking posts.

Instacollage doesn’t only dwell on Instagram sharing. It also allows users to share their work of art in their camera roll, post them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker, or maybe send them via email. Your insta-powers are flexed to the extremes.


Instagram offers a lot of Insta-powers to its users. You can view all the photos of the Instagram users all over the world and leave a comment. Sometimes, people form negative comments in it which is absurd– stop the hate, guys!

Let me share to you a story: Everytime I upload a photo in Instagram, my crush “like” those photos. We didn’t get the chance to talk. Hello, it’s a public site! One time, I did say hi to him, and he asked how I was? I responded back and it ended there; no response or whatever. I know, I shouldn’t ask him in a public site.

Now, people can talk privately to other Instagram users with Instamessage. is an app that allows users to chat privately with all the Instagram users in the world. There are billions of users so I believe that they have created one expedient app.

Just like what they mentioned in the App Store, It is time for the totally private conversation with any Instagrammer whose photos attract you the most”. You will no longer feel shy in putting up comments in photos that you like the most, like what had happened to me. I can now have a real conversation with him without feeling shy because the Instagram world will see it. Thank you, Instamessage!

With the Instagram mania, there is no stopping the developers in creating lucrative apps for its billions of users. Now, it is up to you which apps you think will make your Insta-obsession worthwhile.

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