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On September 13, 2012
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The Jelly Jump journey begins now, a free jumping game for Android by MoMinis.

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Have you seen the film Happy Feet? It is a musical-animated movie way back 2006 about singing and dancing penguins. Yes penguins! Remember Mumble?  He was the protagonist in the film ignored by other group of penguins because of his inability to sing. Mumble is like a stranger to their clan since he is the only penguin with an unusual look and . . . talent? He was the one who can make tunes every time he taps his feet, making him distinct compared to the other penguins. There was a time in Mumble’s life where he experienced taboo, penguins decided to throw him out but as the story progress they found out that being different can create great difference amongst them.

Similar to Mumble our adorable penguin character has this passion for dancing. His desire makes him dance everywhere he goes, up until he found out that the penguins he thought to be friends made fun of him. His penguin friends actually thought that he’s doings is not normal which in effect made our little penguin feel that he is ridiculous. 

This is where the journey begins, a free jumping game for Android by MoMinis, one of the world’s top game publisher for android. The little penguin decides to go out and explore the world to search for new and trustworthy friends. He jump his way out of the sea and up the sky hoping to find friends who will accept the real him and his fervor to dance.

But the search for new friends is not an easy one for he will encounter spine-chilling antagonists that will hinder him from reaching the stars and discovering marvellous treasures. Help him jumps on jelly fishes, fuzzy clouds, and space satellites. I know you can’t resist the lovable penguin.

To play, simply tilt your device from left to right to move the penguin platforms to platforms. Players may press on the screen buttons for power-ups or go directly to the store to shop for hot items.

Key Features:

  • Meet eerie enemies such as crab, fish, bird, Zeus, alien, and robot.
  • Collect treasures to achieve power-ups.
  • Check out store for cool penguin gadgets and power-ups such as rocket, hot pepper, gold digger, force field, and martial arts.
  • Discover several game worlds from sea adventure to sky, space, and many more.
  • Accomplish each of the given objectives and receive rewards later on.

The Jumpy Experience

Jelly Jump is another type of jumping game similar to Go Go Goat, I still remember myself writing an android app review for that one. Both apps have similarities in terms of concept but vary from game story mode. Jelly Jump has a different approach that will encourage players to help the perky little penguin find friends and to freely express his love for dancing, compared to the endless jumping idea in Go Go Goat. As I was playing the game, it was not difficult for me to adjust since you just have to tilt the device to make him move left and right, avoid enemies, and collect power-ups. This is one of the cool and cutest games that entertains player, giving them the sudden rush of thrill for an endless jumping till he reach his goal. Game graphics and music was fairly executed plus the enjoyable adventure is real fun.  Before, I was too impatient to play such game because I keep on failing the mission and objectives but when I learned the art of tilting my device left and right I found out that I started to enjoy it. With the help of the first jumping app I reviewed and Jelly Jump I realized that most games needs perfect timing and precision. If you want to experience the pleasure of underwater to space adventure, I suggest you to download this free app and see for yourself.

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Jelly Jump: The Search for Real Friends
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