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Collect and record all your precious moments in life with a virtual journal.

Writing is considered as one of the best and powerful expression of one’s thoughts, feelings and desires. Some people would be more comfortable when they keep everything in private – no one has a say on whatever they are going through. To most people, their best bud would be their handy dandy little notebook where they can write, draw or even plan out something that pops in their head. This notebook full of blank pages may be filled up with plans, dreams, desires, imaginations and everything in between. But having separate notebooks for each would be such a hassle when all we want to do is to enjoy the comfort of living in this high-tech world, right?

I know we can’t remember everything so writing them down on a piece of paper is a very essential thing to do. For the creative artists, having a platform that they can grab easily and bring with them everywhere is a big help in making their lives easier. Whether you’re a poet, an artist, or an Obsessive Compulsive parent, I’m pretty sure I got everything you need in just one application.

Whatever life throws at you, be ready to document it and keep it on your little virtual notebook because Notes on Life got you covered.

As you ponder on your daily musings on life, why don’t you read on my Android app review for more life-changing details after the break.

Do you find it such a hassle when you have too many notebooks, sketch pads, and papers filling up the space in your bag and table that you just can’t live without? These precious papers are filled with up with the daily happenings in your life and you are just fascinated with all the life journal that you do everyday since these are the things that you don’t want to forget or that you are looking forward to. Well, the greatest solution that I can give could be one app that can store all of your Notes on Life.

Developed by is an Android application which lets you get hold of various types of notebooks that you need all stored in a safe and sound haven in your smartphone. The basic idea of the app is to let you manage all your notebooks and the things that you need to jot down in just one handy and excellent app. You will surely throw away your traditional papers that’s causing so much bulk and load on your bag. Instead of being frustrated with the burden that you’re feeling of the many notebooks that you need, you can just have it all, virtually. You can still appreciate life and love it even more when you can easily document your ups and downs every single day.


√ Choose from the wide array of notebooks such as Planner, Grocery List, Photo Note, Diary and a lot more

√ Customize your own notebook with covers, texts, designs and many more

√ Protect and keep your notes private by setting a password

√ Social Media Integration through Facebook, Email, Gmail, etc.

√ Access to Tips Box which will guide you all throughout your life journey

√ Jot down your notes by free draw, text box, handwriting box or by inserting media such as pictures, symbols, shapes, etc.

√ Choose from the many beautiful templates that are ready to use

Life Journal at its best

It’s not everyday that we can jot down every memorable thing that we do or that happens to us with just a help from a piece of paper and a pen. It will be such a hassle when you’re writing on a bus or even the train as you are taking your ride home, right? But with Notes on Life installed on your Android devices, I bet walking down the memory lane will be such an easy and fun thing to do! As I said a while ago, everything you need, is all in here! Why? It has a wide array of notebook collection which suits your daily necessities. From a Blank Template, to a 2013 Planner, to a Diary, to a Sketch Pad and even down to your Grocery List, I guess every idea, feeling, or action you do will always be memorable to you. Well, who doesn’t like the feeling of making life so significant when all you can do is to document everything in just one app, right? After all, you can still keep the same memories and experience, in a virtual platform.

The best part of the app is you can customize everything depending on your preferences! Let me take for an example, my very own planner that I did. (shown at the left photo) I simply wrote down the things that I need to do for the week. But even before, I don’t want my traditional planner to look dull. That’s why doodling in the corner of the pages or even on the day itself, if it went good or bad, is a must! I’ll draw whatever I want that will simply express how I felt that day. Good thing, this app lets you design every page by adding emoticons, symbols, shapes, and quotes that will brighten up the look of your planner or notebook. Isn’t that cool? If you want, you can also write down using the free hand option, making it look like it was really written by you. You can find all these awesome features at the bottom part of your screen.

This app is very user-friendly since there is always a Tips Box which guides you all throughout your life journey. I also love the fact that we can have our privacy when we use this app. Well, it’s normal to have a secret among ourselves. But most of the time, we just can’t hide it from the others especially when all we have is a notebook. But with this app, our virtual notebooks can be kept a secret by just setting a password for each. You can now categorize which ones to keep private and which ones are for public reading.

Kirsten: The Note Taker

As a blogger, I am obsessed with writing down every memorable scenario in my life. But that’s very different from this app which is very private and more personalized. I was fascinated with this app because it has everything I need – Planner, Diary, Grocery List, Spending and Sketch Pad. The design feature that the users can do makes this app even more incredible. I believe, we have the great artist within us. Since this is ours, making this look a lot like us is a plus point! I’ve just shown you some of the details of this app and believe me this app has a lot more exciting features to offer!

Overall, this app deserves a four star rating because it’s a slick, easy and cool one! I just wish that the text, graphics and the over-all look of the app will be customized into a much cuter version so that teens will be attracted to use it. I guess these notebooks are essential in a student’s life, right? But so far, so good.

Taking a sneak peek at the video below might explain further more what’s inside this Notes on Life.

I bet you now get my point?

2013 has just started and it’s never too late to treasure every moment that you have. Whether it’s good, bad or just in between, Notes on Life will make your lifelong journey a much more fun, memorable, and exciting ride for you! $2.99 won’t hurt a lot when you have a more meaningful life ahead of you. Go ahead and grab your own

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Jot down your Notes on Life
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