Jump all the way to the top of the Icy Tower 2!

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Jump your way and reach the top of the Icy Tower 2!

After a hard day’s work, we may feel a little bit fed up with our same old routine everyday. You may find yourself wishing that what if we have a special power to ‘teleport’ and transfer instantaneously to any place in the world to unwind and have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Personally, I wish I can be like David Rice from the science fiction action thriller film, Jumper – someone who has teleportation abilities who can just break in anywhere he likes. Sounds fun, right? But that is far away from happening in real life.

Hence, if you have incredible jumping skills, why not put it into good use? Not literally though. You can still stay away from the usual things you do and kill the boredom by jumping your way virtually to the top of the Icy Tower 2! This app review will let you teleport into different themed environments as you reach the top of the tower and make the highest record you could ever make!

Are you up for the jumping challenge? Let’s all break free and reach the top before the tower collapses!

One fine day, an ecstatic kiddo introduced himself. He said that he loves to jump and no one ever can stop him! He jumps higher if you tilt harder and that’s a very useful control. The question is, can you reach the top of the tower? It’s time to find out!

Free Lunch Design which produces world class games for multiple platforms developed another installment to their massive internet phenomenon, Icy Tower. Icy Tower 2 is a free and application which allows its users to tilt their way as they jump all the way to the top of the tower without hitting the bottom of the screen. Take a break from the endless runner games that you’ve come to love and instead of running, why don’t you go jump endlessly and reach the top? Well, this app has more features in store for us!

Jumping Features

√ Customize your character with hats, shirts and pants

√ Numerous stunts to complete

√ Unlock power-ups and boosters as you level up

√ Catch more coins to purchase power-ups, boosters and clothes at the shop

√ Simple and easy user controls

√ Excellent HD graphics

√ Share your score via Facebook and Twitter

How to reach the top?

You wouldn’t want to jump and get killed without knowing how to play the game, right? To start things off, the game begins with a quick and simple tutorial. You play the role of a kid whose face is half-covered with his purple bonnet. All you need to do is to simply tilt your device left or right to move your character all the way to the top. If you don’t like the tilting control, then you can go to the settings tab in the main menu and select the tap option instead. Tap/Tilt left and right to control the movement of your character. By a simple tap or tilt of the device, then you’re good to go. Tip: Tilt harder and you’ll jump higher!

It might sound easy but the game isn’t all about jumping and reaching the top. Just like any other challenging games, there are hidden twists along your way. As you climb all the way to the top of the tower, you should keep moving upwards as fast as you can because eventually, the tower will collapse and the floors will fall. Well, you don’t need to worry because there are power-ups and boosters available on the shop which will help you achieve victory of reaching the tower as high as you can!

Again, just like any other games, there are upgrades, power-ups or boosters that you can utilize for some special powers! You are indeed a superhero with those special powers that the game has in store for you! You can find all these at the shop tab which you can see on the main menu. First off, we have power-ups which appears in the tower and you can grab them if you see them along your way to the top. Some of these power-ups are: Super Coins, Sticky Plunger, Wind Umbrella and Money Magnet. Aside from these power-ups, you can also use boosters which are one-time items that give you big advantages in return. These boosters are: Coinucopia, Blast Off, Power Shower and Rescue Wings. In-app purchases such as coin doubler and coin packs are also available in this app.

Apart from all of these extra powers, the funniest thing that you can do is to customize your character’s look! You can also find his hats, shirts, pants and skin tones on the shop tab. Getting yourself all geared up, fashionable and cool will of course contribute a lot and make a big difference in your journey to the top of the tower, right?

A game wouldn’t be as fun as it may seem without some missions that you need to accomplish. This time, missions are dubbed as stunts. Cool, right? The given stunts will appear before the game starts so as you will know what you need to achieve along the game. Some examples of these stunts are: Play 3 games, Reach floor 75 and Collect 50 coins in one game. The good thing with this is that, when you accomplished the stunts, you will be rewarded with equivalent coins. In this way, you can purchase more power-ups or boosters that will help you along the game!

Other than these cool features, you can also view the Leader board and you can also share your scores with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. In this way, you can also encourage them to play with you and beat each other’s scores, right?

Kirsten is on her way to the top!

I was deeply fascinated with the wonders of this slick and excellent app! I was literally screaming while I was jumping all the way to the top of the tower. My friends even taught that I was insane as I was saying ‘Oh my gosh!’ to myself. Well, that’s a good sign that I really enjoyed playing with it. I was even challenged because I want to set a high score! Well, I just reached Rank 2: Junior Jumper and got back to work. But then again, it was totally addictive! This app truly deserves a five star rating because of its excellent HD graphics, intuitive controls and slick user interface. It is indeed a game worth downloading for. You will definitely have that adrenaline rush as you jump all the way to the top of the tower! I was even amazed with the power-ups that can bring instant special powers to me and they are a big help all the way to the top! I like the flying umbrella the most because it will make you fly high instantly for a few seconds! That’s basically one of my secrets into getting a high score!

Now that I’ve spilled almost everything about this amazing app, will you try it out for yourself? I must say, you should! But I’m not insisting. Kidding aside, this app is definitely a must-try app! It is a perfect mix of fun, challenge and everything nice! Be intrigued no more and watch the video below.

You can now fly all the way to the top of the Icy Tower 2 at and for FREE!

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Jump all the way to the top of the Icy Tower 2!
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