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On January 10, 2013
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Nanuk is not your typical jump and run game!

The Eskimos have been an interesting indigenous group since the last turn of the century. Their culture, physical features and choice of clothing are fascinating, and the idea that they live in little dome-shaped houses made of ice increases their appeal.

I myself like Eskimos, and deeply admire how they were able to retain their culture and identity for so long. Imagine my amazement when I found out that Lugalabs has made a charming Android application about a little Eskimo and the lead programmer got his idea from Half-Life 2.

Nanuk: What to expect

1. Lots of jumpin’and runnin’

In this jump and run game, you help the eponymous Inuit Nanuk reach his igloo before time runs out and he starts to suffer from frostbite and hypochondria for being out in the cold for so long. So you need to tap, tap, tap away the buttons on the screen to make him jump or do a double jump. You can even get him to push boulders and press giant red buttons.


2. Lots of physic puzzles

Each level gets progressively harder as this 2D game is all about puzzles and getting you to work your noggin’. You do get to collect some floating clothes hidden in some weird junction between snow, trees and boulders, though. Collect caps, gloves and scarves to help you withstand the cold weather a tiny bit more–the items essentially help you buy a bit of time before you die in the Arctic.

When it comes to survival, you might as well protect Nanuk from tapered dowels, pointy icicles, and jagged rocks. (Just basically avoid hitting these objects throughout the game.) After a few levels, help becomes available in the form of an arctic wolf, a companion capable of helping the young Eskimo solve a few problems.

Nanuk and his arctic wolf


Physic-puzzles featuring small physic-mechanisms make the game an attractive alternative to the bevy of jump and run games we’ve seen lately. Guess what: Some of the levels are incredibly tricky and may take a bit of time finishing.

3. A fun multiplayer mode option

The multiplayer mode allows you to play snowball-fights with your friends in three modes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Though I haven’t been able to try the multiplayer mode, I’m expecting some awesome snowball fights with Nanuk the game!

The Bottom Line

If you want an absorbing game that’s a notch above the usual jump and run game you’ve played, or you’re one of those people who enjoy solving physic puzzles, download Nanuk on your Android device today. Start a multiplayer snowball fight with your friends and tell me who wins!

It’s worth noting, too,  that the app is free with absolutely no advertisements.

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Jump and run with Nanuk, the Little Eskimo
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