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Using your bow and arrow, hit the pieces of fruits on top of the head without hitting the animal.

Some people may have lived up to the tradition of collecting 12 different kinds of round fruits to bring luck for the coming new year. Aside from finding those 12 types of fruits to be displayed on our dining tables, it’s not likely that we can finish all those 12 fruits in an instant, right? Hence, if you can’t do anything with your fruits anymore, why don’t we just shoot them?

Ever dreamed of becoming one of the best archers in the world? Equip yourself with your bow and arrow, estimate and hit your target points! You may see a magician do a stint shooting an apple at the top of a woman’s head, right? For magicians, some magic words will do the trick by hitting the apple straight. While in real life, it’s really hard to shoot a target object especially when someone’s life is at risk. You should take a lot of training, practice and adopt the skills of Robin Hood.

Stay away from the physical challenges that can be brought by your enemy or your blurred vision, perhaps. Sharpen your archery skills with your virtual bow and arrow with .

Enter the wild life of shooting fruits on top of the cute animal’s head after the cut.

Definitely, Fruit Ninja made an awesome impact on addicted players, just like me. The simple gameplay of slashing fruits into pieces has been very simple and easy yet with an added twist, playing with fruits could really be exciting! Today, Words Mobile will again prove to us that fruits are addictively fun to play with. Instead of slashing the fruits into pieces with Fruit Ninja, it’s now time to hit those fruits on top of someone’s head with your bow and arrow. It’s your time to shine now as you unleash the inner Robin Hood in you. Are you up for the challenge?

Words Mobile developed a free Android application dubbed as Fruit Shoot. It is a game where users can experience how it feels like to be an archer. The idea of the game is quite simple since all you have to do is to adjust the trajectory of your arrow to hit the target fruits which varies their sizes every now and then.  Well, it’s also quite familiar with the popular game, Angry Birds, where users are controlling the trajectory and/or projectile as they hit their target birds on the other side of the world. Hence, this basic game has a mix of excitement from both Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. The basic game’s premise is to hit the pieces of fruits on top of the head without hitting the animal. Once you hit and killed the animal, you failed that level and should start again.


√ Choose from the two game categories of Challenge Mode or VS Mode

√ Shoot your way from the three levels of Indian, Sparta and Viking

√ Upgrade your power-ups such as Revive, Full Path, Frost Magic and Fire Arrow

Let’s ‘Fruit Shoot’ It!

The game starts with the main menu which shows the shop, sounds and whether you like to turn on the blood effects or not. Selecting the Challenge Mode lets you play through the three levels. It will first start with a tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game. After a couple of hits and fails, you finally got the feel of the game. You play as the role of an Indian, trying to hit the pieces of fruits on top of the bear’s head. From an apple to watermelon, to pineapple, you name it – you have to shoot it directly. Or else, the arrow will shoot directly at the bear and will kill him instantly. The trick is, turning on the blood effects on the main menu, will allow you to see some blood when you fail to hit the fruits and hit the bear instead. At times, the eye will roll on the floor, which really looks gory. So I decided not to turn on the blood effect.

But, whether or not, I turn on the blood effect, the truth still remains. This game somehow shows animal cruelty or brutality. When you choose the option of VS Mode, you face your enemy with a shooting game. You can either compete with another play or a computer instead. This time, all you have to do is to hit each other but still estimating the progression of your arrow on your opponent making sure to hit him. Kids tend to mimic everything they see in games or on television, right? So I guess, this game is not advisable for kids to play. Although at first, shooting a fruit on top of an animal’s head might be interesting and challenging at the same time, not being a good shooter might put an animal’s life in danger, right?

Back to the game! If you are a good shooter, then you complete the level. But at some point, the bear always fights back after you hit all the fruits. In the picture above, it’s now time for their match! The bar on top of their head refers to their life. The first one to die, fails. After that, you also have the chance to collect some coins by again, shooting those coins on top of the bear’s head. If you missed it, then you’re onto the next level.

Kirsten Loves

Honestly, I’m not into the message of the app which might mislead the child’s perception on animals. But, for adults who are matured enough to comprehend the gist of the game, then this game is definitely addictive and will keep you playing for hours! The game is simple, colorful and easy to understand. I love the excellent graphics of the game plus the awesome sound effects that adds thrill to the whole experience of fruit shooting. The power-up feature such as letting the enemy be frozen for some time completes the purely fun gaming experience of a person, right?

Will you shoot it?

Honestly, I haven’t tried playing this archery or even trying to hold a bow and arrow in real life. My blurred vision actually put an end to this game. The fact that I have a poor eyesight will make me produce foul shots, right? Good thing, I can still continue my ala Robin Hood dream virtually with Fruit Shoot app.

Considering it’s free, I can have unlimited test shots at hitting those pieces of fruits on top of the bear’s head. However, I don’t want to see those cuddly animals be hit by the arrow and die in front of me because I’m not a good shooter. Well I guess, everything has its consequences. We should keep on practicing so as not to put those cute animals’ life at risk. Although, we can’t do anything with the VS mode anymore. I just don’t get the message of shooting each other. It would be better if the VS mode will be shooting on each other’s fruit that are still on top of their heads and not on shooting and killing each other.

To take a sneak peek of Fruit Shoot’s gameplay, watch the video below.

If you’re up for some fruit shooting, then go ahead and (Beware of the violence and animal cruelty that this app can bring you.)

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