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On October 22, 2012
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Sparta: God of War by Socosoft, a free strategy and defense game for android.

“A Spartan would either return from war as a winner, or he should not return at all.”

Watching the movie 300 was really tear-jerking, it was years ago when I used to cover my eyes every time there is a barbaric scene that I don’t want to see in some parts of the movie. The resounding HA-OOH! HA-OOH! of Spartans lingers through my head over and over for about a month as far as I remember. Even though the statement was short, it does reflect a very profound meaning only they can understand. I can visibly tell that my heart is not that valiant with such ruthless actions, seeing someone being ripped or stabbed is an unbearable sight for me.

Ironically, the app that I am going to review today is associated to the film that I just mentioned. This time I am not going to watch the men of Sparta getting perish from the hands of the enemies for I have decided to play the war game instead. Through by Socosoft, a free strategy and defense game for android that was based from the story of 300, I can now (feeling brave) take my sweetest revenge for all the tears Xerxes and his men have caused me before.

Ages ago dignity, heroism, and surmounting skills are the central weapon in the battlefield during the war of Thermopylae. Using only spears, axes, arrows, and shields the men of Sparta did not back down from Persia despite the number of adversaries. It was their inspiring duty to protect their homeland and values from the tyrant leader named Xerxes from Persian invasion.

Commanded by the legendary king of Sparta, Leonidas and his brave men march their way to Thermopylae together with other Greek armies regardless the vicious instructions of Xerxes (the cold-hearted leader of Persia).

Battle Starts Here

Do not think of bloody combat too much for this is just a fun-play game. Sparta: God of War is an app that requires tactic offense and defense, it is all about destroying the enemy’ castle in a very limited time to prevent them from destroying yours. All players have to do is to recruit soldiers wisely to defeat the insanely looking nemesis of the game.

Soldiers of the game have dissimilar attributes starting from Ordinary Soldier who holds the cursed word, Sparta Archer who possesses the arrow of energy, Shield Soldier who strongly blocks the enemy, and Fire Mage who has the destructive power ability. Combining all four of them, Leonidas and his troop will have the greater chance to defeat Persia and bring triumph to the battle of Thermopylae.

Game Highlights:

  • There are over 100 levels to accomplish with programmed hack and slash.
  • Release Skills to allow Leonidas hit enemies with a resilient attack.
  • Unlock Soldiers like Ordinary Soldier, Sparta Archer, Shield Soldier, and Fire Mage.
  • Ability to level up soldiers as the game progresses.
  • Discover uncanny looking enemies during the course of the game.

Rohan’s Profession

Playing the arcade game Sparta: God of War was an awe-inspiring experience. I know that the app is very light for a war game but it did make my heart skip a beat. The game led me to conduct further research about the history of Sparta prompting me to look back to the movie I have once watched and shed a tear. Well, who can resist the strong plot of the movie plus the award-winning script lines and acting of the characters? Even the chicken out of me can’t resist the ancient history once told.

This is similar to the defense game I played and reviewed before called Mushroom War but this one has a different feel. Since both app are alike, I would like to make a little comparison between the two. Technically, the app Sparta: God of War contains more options compared to Mushroom War. The graphics are more realistic than the latter though I am not saying that illustrations here are something to be of high compliments maybe because of the device that I used. In terms of complexity, levels in mushroom war are far difficult that it takes me forever to unlock them while the rivals in Sparta: God of War can be defeated easily by loading the characters and upgrading them instantly. By the way, putting a wizard in the game is a very interesting twist. Even though one app is greater than the other or the other is greater, both of them are definitely worth your time.

Now going back to the real deal, I can say that Spartans are indeed God of war. After reading their history, watching the movie 300, and playing the game Sparta: God of War, it made me realized how important the sacrifices they made just to defend their land of birth, it was them who were trained to be a real man and a real soldier. Salute is what I say to the developer of the app and to the history of Sparta. Good thing, Socosoft developed an app that will honour the soldiers who made history in the field of war. Being a soldier may not be my profession but writing a worthy app review is my onus.



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Lead Your Army to Victory with Sparta: God of War
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